Three Things.

The first week back to school has been a little hectic, can’t I go back to wearing yoga pants all day? Yes, I like that idea.

I saw Emily‘s Three Things Thursday post, I thought it looked like a fun way to recap the week, so I’m totally stealing the idea, even if it’s not Thursday.

3 things that made me smile:

  1. Sunday dinner with my roommates! We made eggplant and zucchini parmesan with farmer’s market corn on the side. The dinner was so delicious and it was great to hangout with everyone.And when you’re gluten-free you get a whole pan to yourself. Bonus.
  2. 18 people came to my Pilates class this week! That’s the biggest turnout I’ve had so far! I felt a little rusty after not teaching over the summer but I think it went pretty well!
  3. Volunteering for the High Country Triple Crown Half Marathon. Got to hangout with some cool people, pass out water and gatorade to some fierce runners (most of the course was up hill, there was even a 1500 ft climb, and then winner still finished in 1:14, crazy!) and I got a free neon volunteer shirt
    The picture doesn’t do it justice. Dance auditions for fall concert and I’m seriously considering busting out this t-shirt just to make sure I get seen =) And please ignore the major under eye bags and toilet in the background. I was working off 5 hours of sleep.

3 things I’ve been eating:

  1. Golden delicious apples – Golden Delicious is my favorite apple and I was giddy with excitement when I found a big bag of them at the grocery store for $4. It’s also apple season in NC so I’m ready for some delicious local apples soon!
  2. Coffee, coffee and more coffee, but is that really a surprise, no? I mean you can’t really eat coffee, but that’s not the point.
  3. Eggs, I ate 5 of them today. I might have a problem. They’re just so tasty, cheap and easy. And I can’t resist a good runny yolk!

3 things that made me frown:

  1. Decoding binary, I’m learning binary for my digital printing class and it makes my head hurt.My homework was to decode this whole sheet. It’s as fun as it looks.
  2. I had some delicious gluten-filled chocolate chip cherry oatmeal cookies my friend made last night. The cookies were amazing but my stomach didn’t like it and it definitely let me know this today. Steering clear of all gluten for a while.
  3. I haven’t worked out since Thursday, I’m starting to get antsy, I just want to get up and run around!

3 things that keep me sane:

  1. Yoga! I’ve been to two classes so far this week! My body has definitely been craving it, the practices were tough but it just means I need more yoga in my life!
  2. Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee before my roommates get up in the morning. It’s incredibly relaxing and gets me ready to start the day. The perks of being a ridiculous early bird.
  3. The Disney channel on Pandora. It takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love listening to it before bed.

Tell me three things about your week!

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