10 Servings of Vegetables {WIAW}

What’s up Wednesday? You sure snuck up on me fast this week. Maybe it’s just me but the week has been flying by, probably because I have about 10 million things to do (i.e. pack) before Sunday and not much time or motivation to do any of them. Good thing I’m a master procrastinator.

And on to my eats:

Breakfast: Good old peanut butter oats, but watch out! I’ve got a new addition this week:

Flaxseeds! I saw the bag on sale at Kroger the other week and picked some up. Omega-3s are pretty lacking in my diet so I thought this would help give them a boost. Omega-3s are good for maintaining cardiovascular health and helps reduce inflammation in the body, sounds pretty good right? And totally random but my dad looks just like the Bob’s Redmill guy.

It’s uncanny.

Oh, I also had a plum and an egg between getting home from a 6am spin class and going to work.

Morning Snack: Edamame.

Lucky for me they spilt all over my purse on the way to work. Mmmm… linty. Chasing soybeans around the bottom of your purse is not a good start to the morning.

Lunch: Lunch was in a few pieces because I was starving when I got home so I downed a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and an apple before actually making real food. I was a little bit hungry. From there I had a fried egg:

Photogenic, no?

Then I made a large heaping bowl of vegetables:

Farmer’s market zucchini, onion, roma tomato and spinach plus Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Sauce because I literally cannot get enough of that stuff. I bought another bottle last week and the cash asked me what I was planning use it with. My reply: Everything. Everything tastes better with curry sauce. Fact. Curry cupcakes? Not gonna lie, I’d probably still eat them.

Afternoon Snack: My afternoon snack was courtesy of some seriously delicious farmers market finds. Farmer’s market find number one:

Grape tomatoes. They’re so teeny and cute. I used to hate tomatoes as a kid, but they’re starting to grow on me. It helps when they’re yellow and adorable.

Farmer’s market number two:

Black bean hummus. This stuff is like heaven in a plastic container. It’s spicy and savory and absolutely addicting. My favorite part is the chunks of sun-dried tomato in it. I’m not ashamed to say I ate half the container in one sitting.

Dinner: My dad treated the family to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. I’m a huge fan of Sweet Tomatoes because where else can I get 10 servings on veggies in one sitting?

Demolished. I have to take a picture of my plate every time I eat at Sweet Tomatoes because I impress even myself with the amount of veggies I can put away. However the people waiting behind me in the salad bar line are usually not amused.

I also had a small bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt topped with banana and granola and a second bowl of grapes for dessert. I mostly ate the bananas and granola off the fro yo because it was too sweet for me. I’ll take my old lady tart flavor over vanilla any day.

Late Snack: I had a half-sized bowl of my usual morning oats before going to bed. Something about cozying up with a warm bowl of oatmeal before bed is just so comforting and relaxing. We’ll pretend like it’s not 90 degrees outside.

I’ve got to be up earlier for a trip to Boone in the morning so I should probably be getting to sleep!










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  1. I have flax seeds every morning in my oats!

    Haha and I think that many veggies would give me tummy troubles…

  2. Emily

     /  August 18, 2012

    Yum! Everything looks so delicious. I used to hate tomatoes when I was growing up too but now I absolutely love them. I can literally just slice up a tomato and eat it plain (weird, I know!)
    And I looove Sweet Tomatoes. There’s one where my parents live and, in LA, we have Soup Plantation which is the exact same restaurant with a different name- I have no idea why! But, it’s amazing. Unlimited salad and veggies? Yes, please. (:

  3. I always forget about how delicious edamame is for a snack 🙂 Love ’em in salads.

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