Thursday Tangents

  1. My little brother is moving into his college dorm tomorrow (a whole 20 minutes down the road, adventurous). I feel old. Luckily, he still acts like an 8 year old so I tend to forget he’s now a legal adult.
  2. I really love the color purple:
    Too bad it doesn’t match my hair anymore. Sad part is I didn’t realize I had put on all purple pajamas until I put my contacts in this morning. Then I got dressed for work and put my shirt on inside out. This was all after my morning cup of coffee, I’m thinking I need more sleep.
  3. My rock climbing class last night was lots of fun. Though we spent most of the class learning how to belay so we could pass the belay test and only 15 minutes climbing. I have a week long pass so I’ll have to go back to get more climbing in.
  4. I’m scared of heights. Things you realize 20 feet from the ground on a rock wall.
    The picture doesn’t even do it justice, this sucker was HUGE. I love rainbows. Yes I’m 5 years old.
  6. I finished some freelance design work for a local restaurant and they had the ads I designed printed at my work so I got to see the final product:
    Seeing the final design printed out is my favorite part, but I don’t always get to see the final printed piece. It’s so cool to hold something in my hands that I designed, I will never get sick of that feeling.
  7. The only piece of produce I will never eat:
    A “Slimcado”, it apparently has 50% less fat than a regular avocado. GROSS. Excuse me but what exactly is the point of an avocado without the fat? Ew.
  8. I made a purse! pictures coming soon.
  9. I’m taking a 6AM Basic Training class so I should probably get to bed soon.

Do you have any younger siblings (or older)? I have two younger brothers who are 18 (twinsies), and they’re 6’2″ so I can’t boss them around anymore

Would you ever eat a “Slimcado”? No. Gimme some healthy fats please!

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  1. Slimcado? Um, no. Bring on the fat! (healthy fats, that is) 🙂

  2. Well… I can’t eat avocados in the first place (I swear, there’s only like… eight people on the face of the planet who are allergic and I’m one of them) But that slimcado actually looks ill. Physically and mentally ill to have the audacity to be the grossest fruit on the planet.

    • That stinks that your allergic to avocados, I think your the first person I’ve met with that allergy.

      • It’s the worst. I love avocados. They’re my favourite. I’m working my way around it though. The more research and learning I do, the more informed I am. If I boil them first (ew, I know.) I can totally eat them. Mexican style soups are really all avocados have got going for me right now.

      • It’s good you found a way you can enjoy them. It’s funny how food allergies work sometimes, I know a few people that are allergic to certain fruits but if they cook or microwave them, they don’t have an issue.

  3. michads

     /  August 10, 2012

    A slimcado? Uh – no thank you! Lol. Siblings — older brother, older sister and a younger sister – fun times. Lol

    • Middle child, that’s got to be fun. Even though I have two brothers no one really gets the middle child role since they’re twins.

      • yeah.. growing up wasn’t too bad actually. My older brother brother and sister caused more mischief than I did – So any that I caused usually went well under the radar 🙂

  4. Purple will always be one of my favorite colors 🙂
    Good luck to your brother!


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