Apartment Shopping Extravaganza and Toughness

Thursday (aka PAY DAY) I had an apartment shopping extravaganza. I have about a million things I’ve been needing to buy for my apartment and now that I’m down to two weeks before I move in, it’s about time I actually bought some of it. Armed with a freshly filled bank account, I headed out for a few hours of serious home decor shopping.

But first I needed adequate fuel for my shopping adventures. Enter lunch:

A tofu scramble with onions, spinah and marinara sauce. I was so hungry when I got home from work (early morning workout problems) that I might have exploded if I had to wait to press the tofu. Scramble it is.

Fro yo is also great shopping fuel. Especially when it’s free. I filled up my frequent buyer card and was rewarded with $5 of free fro yo, I’m so generous I even let my mom get a cup. I got pineapple sorbet, taro (buried under the fruit) and tart. I kinda wish I had just gotten tart though. The pineapple was not my favorite.

Then mass apartment shopping ensued. I hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target and left with curtains, a curtain rod, cutting boards, a lamp, coffee mugs, school supplies, cleaning supplies, cups, bowls, plates, jars for bulk food and a new book bag. Bonus: I also found a $4 bra at Target, whatttt. It had been $20, I was proud.

I still have a couple smaller things left to buy, but I made a good dent in my list (and bank account)! Now I just have to pack it all up…

Friday morning I had an amazing workout!

The state of my hair is evidence to how crazy (awesome) it was.

I attended an early morning Basic Training class at my gym.


The instructor set up a circuit style workout for us to do. I haven’t done a group circuit style workout since probably elementary school, and I’m not sure that counts, but it was so much fun and made the time pass so quickly! We did 1 minute at each station with 1 minute of plyometrics or running in between. We did three sets of suicides (killer, but oddly fun) then repeated the stations with different exercises. The stations included things like TRX exercises (I’ve never used them before and I loved them!), hula hooping (so much fun), medicine ball slams and sit ups, step ups, bench hops (mildly terrifying), walking lunges, squat jumps, glider exercises, and more. It was a fantastic way to start the morning.

In the middle of medicine ball sit ups, I was thinking about how even though it was a tough workout, I was actually keeping up. I actually felt tough. Reading healthy living and fitness blogs it’s really easy to fall into the comparison trap. It’s so easy to compare my workout to someone else and feel that I came up short and honestly it can be pretty discouraging. But it’s important to celebrate your own fitness accomplishments and toughness, because everyone is tough in their own awesome way. It’s not fair to compare yourself to anyone but you.

Speaking of tough, I’m attending my first CrossFit class today! There’s a box next to my work (literally right next door, you can hear the weights dropping during classes) and I just found out they do a free community class on Saturdays so I’m going to try it out! I’m both excited and a little nervous about it!

What’s your most recent fitness accomplishment? 

Any apartment shopping advice? Anything I might need that I wouldn’t think to buy? I’m worried I’ll move in and realize there’s still a million things I need! I’m not used to have a kitchen or my own room at school!

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  1. make sure you have the basics toilet paper, dish soap and things like that. Even when you have lived on your own for years you still think of things you need and don’e have yet. Congrats on moving into your first place!

    • Thanks! My roommate is buying an industrial sized pack of toilet paper with her BJ’s membership, so hopefully we’ll be covered for a few weeks.

  2. Apartment advice = be prepared to buy a lot of things after you move in! And buying food from scratch will kill you. LOL.

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