Can We Talk About

The Olympics for a second?

Sweet bike.

I’m so excited for the next three weeks. It was my goal to watch every minute of the Olympics, well it’s the first day and I’ve already failed that one. But I plan to watch religiously for the next three weeks.

I personally think we should declare the Olympics an international holiday and not have to go to work. I think that sounds pretty reasonable. Who’s with me?

I loved the opening ceremony last night, even though I think I might be the only person that did. It was amazingly ridiculous with more British stereotypes than I could count. And a 100 foot Lord Voldemort.

All international sporting events should include oversized Harry Potter characters. Duh.

I was thoroughly entertained. I had many good laughs, WTF moments and watched some cool effects, what more could I ask for. Oh and Freddie Mercury made an appearance. Yes yes yes.

Fun Olympics story: I went to high school with a guy who is competing. His name is Wayne Davis and he’ll be competing with the Trinidad and Tabago team (where he was born) in the Mens 110m hurtles, keep an eye out for him! We were actually in PE together freshman, so I’m hoping he wins a medal so I can tell people I ran with an Olympic athlete. And I guess because he’s really nice and deserves it.

I’m really excited for gymnastics (including rhythmic!), the marathon, triathlon, track and field, diving and basically everything.

What did you think of the opening ceremony?

What events are you looking forward to?


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  1. I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t watch the opening ceremony! I was stuck at work. Bummer. I wish I watched it though!

  2. I’m glad I found your blog. I am one of the few that also quite enjoyed the opening ceremonies to the Olympics. They said in the first few minutes it was going to be more personal and quiet and they weren’t trying to outdo Beijing but people did not understand that I guess.

  3. I watched the opening ceremony for about an hour and then got bored of it! Haha but I too promised myself I would make an effort to watch the majority of the olympics. If only watching the olympics could be a valid excuse to miss work…seriously though.

  4. I haven’t watched the olympics but I plan on turning it on tonight!

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