You’re Stronger Than You Think

You should know I’m listening to the Disney station on Pandora while I write this. I love it. Favorite new Pandora station? I think so.

Now I just want to watch the Lion King. Anyway…

My eats have been pretty uninspired lately. I’ve been working later at my internship because they’ve needed some extra help. I’ve been prepping my lunches at night so I can just grab it on the way out the door in the morning. Genius culinary invention doesn’t typically happen 30 minutes before bed time around here (or um, ever).

Tempeh, frozen veggie mix and edamame with some teriyaki sauce and sriracha. There has been a distinct lack of fresh veggies in my life the past couple of days. I need a grocery trip asap. I also had a farmer’s market peach (the last one, very sad) on the side. Peaches from the farmer’s market are a million times better than peaches from the grocery store, those aren’t even worth buying. I’ll be sad when peach season is over!

I had a snack of sweet potato and peanut butter at my desk while working on some projects:

Such a good combo. I don’t know what it is about sweet potatoes and peanut butter, but I’m convinced they were absolutely made for each other.

Dinner was a smoothie:

Soy milk, vanilla whey protein powder, peanut butter and cinnamon. Not the most nutritious but it’s what I was craving, and I’m all out of spinach and wasn’t going down the kale route again. I ate half of a cantaloupe with it (no joke) so that makes up for any missing nutrients right? Let’s hope.

I had a really fantastic workout after dinner:

You know it’s a good workout when even your knee caps get sweaty. Sweating dirty for sure.

I took a 30 minute cardio class followed by a 30 minute strength training class (taught by my favorite instructor!). In hind sight you should know that half of a cantaloupe and a smoothie combined with a plyometrics based cardio class is the best mix. My bladder got a good workout during that one.

I really pushed myself during this class. I’ve noticed that I tend to wimp out when a workout starts to get intense. I start to pull back as soon as I start feeling the burn, or a little tired. Well that’s just lame. I mean obviously if something is hurting I should stop, but a little burn never hurt anyone. In fact, a little burn usually makes good things happen. As the instructor reminded the class “you’re stronger than you think”. (She is one gem of a fitness instructor, two blog posts in one week? Impressive)

I really focused on pushing myself past the point where things start to get hard. That’s where changes are made right? Coasting through a workout (or life in general) is not going result in much progress and it’s not going to make you stronger. So dig deep and do it! Physically I’m strong enough to keep going, it’s just not giving into that lazy little voice in the back of my head that wants me to give up. No sir, I’m in beast mode now.

What do you do to push yourself through a tough workout? I try to dig deep and start counting down. You can always do 5 more reps.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? I love them all, but I think the Lion King is my absolute favorite.

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  1. Sweet potatoes and peanut butter are BOMB.


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