WIAW: Food Obsessions

Okay I’m bad and didn’t take pictures of anything I ate yesterday, and let’s be honest, I ate nothing picture-worthy. Food ruts at it’s finest. So instead of pictures of the same meals I’ve eaten over and over again, I thought I’d share some of my latest food obsession. Because they’ve been consumed in mass quantities recently.

Peanut butter. Okay, not a recent obsession, more like a life long love. But, I am newly obsessed with Whole Paycheck’s brand of salted crunchy peanut butter. It is salty, crunchy heaven in a jar. I purposely don’t stir it all the way up because my favorite part is the thick mound of peanut butter on the bottom that you can almost chew. Weird? probably. I go through a jar in half a week. Um, yeah. Problem? maybe.

Eggs over easy. I have probably eaten an over easy egg everyday this week. Before this, I had only eaten eggs hard boiled and scrambled. I have been missing out on some seriously delicious runny yolk action. I’m not sure I can bring myself to scramble an egg again.

Cherries. They are sooo good right now. My local Trader Joe’s is selling 3 pounds of cherries for $7. Deal. They make a really delicious snack and they are so good for you. Did you know 20 cherries has roughly the same pain relieving power as an over-the-counter pain pill? That’s pretty amazing. I think I’m averaging about 2 tylenol a day at this rate.

String cheese. I loved these as a kid and they have recently made a comeback in my life. They make a great protein-filled snack and I love pulling them apart. The pulling apart part is critical for maximum string cheese enjoyment. I once saw someone just take a bite out of a piece of string cheese. Wrong. Just wrong.

Tea. Green, black, herbal, hot, iced I do not care. I’ve been spending lots of time at coffeehouses in the past week (it’s the only place I can get work done, it doesn’t happen at home) and I’ve been trying to replace some of my coffee consumption with tea because I’ve been trying to replace sleep with coffee and that is not a healthy life choice. I try to alternate every cup of coffee with a cup of tea and it’s been helping some.

My cat’s latest food obsession?

It’s wabbit season.

Unfortunately, she’s an indoor cat, and there are these pesky wall things between the two of them. It doesn’t stop her from staring longingly from the window.

And because this month’s What I Ate Wednesday has a fitness theme, my current fitness obsessions are LiveFitย (still can’t get enough), yoga (even though I’ve fallen out of a daily practice I still take a class twice a week) and running! I’ve missed it, and while my foot still isn’t 100% it’s getting better and I’ve been doing 1.5-2 mile runs without too many issues (still loving the treadmill!).

What are your current obsessions? Food, fitness or anything else.

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  1. Haha my cat does the same thing with birds. She stairs them down as if her evil stare will help her catch them. My current obsession is avocados. I’ve always loved them but I can seriously eat them errday now!

    • Avocados are so good! They’re a little on the pricey side (or at least here in NC they are) so I don’t get them too often but it’s always wonderful when I do.

  2. I’m with you on all of your food obsessions….especially the cherries! Nothing better than some fresh cherries as an afternoon snack! Happy WIAW!

  3. I also just started buying string cheese…I always wanted them as a kid but my mom never wanted to buy them, so I think I secretly feel like I’m rebelling ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy WIAW!

  4. Why is it that all healthy living bloggers are addicted to peanut butter?? I swear, that stuff is my life! Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Because it’s amazing! I think everyone loves peanut butter (except my boyfriend, he’s weird), but healthy living bloggers are just more vocal about it.

  5. Cherries are LOVE. Like woah. So glad they are in season right now.
    I am currently obsessed with nut butters, guacamole, baked potatoes and amy’s meals haha

  6. caloricandcrazy

     /  July 14, 2012

    I think I’ve had crunchy PB only ONCE in my life…now I have a craving for it again!

  7. Peanut butter is hands down my favorite food. Whole Foods brand crunchy salted is amazing!

  8. Cute blog! I love cherries as well. Why have I not had them yet this season! I prefer my eggs cooked really well, basically no runny yolk in sight. And heck yes to peanut butter!


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