Thrifty Finds and a Healthy Surprise.

After seeing Pilobolus on Saturday, my mom and I has some time to kill before dinner so we stopped by a thrift store on the way home to poke around some and see what we could find.

Let me tell you, there are some stellar things to be found at the Goodwill on the ritzy side of town. After admiring some fabulous 80’s finds (I don’t understand why people don’t wear shoulder pads anymore, or neon green pants suit. Missing out.), I left with a couple of fun things:

All brand name too. Saving money, what’s up.

I snagged an Apt. 9 dress, it’s an XL so I’m planning to take it in and/or belt it. Still a work in progress. A v-neck blue sweater from American Eagle and a cardigan from Ann Taylor, which I plan to replace the buttons on because I’m not digging the rhinestones, but for $4 I don’t mind.

I also got a snazzy pillow ($1.30!) and a lamp (which I’m painting grey and replacing the paper) for my apartment next year. Perfect.

Thrift store finds take some digging, and in some cases a little love, but you can find some really great stuff. Especially when said thrift store is surrounded by some wealthy neighborhoods.

We followed up our shopping trip with some fro yo. Because thrifting works up a serious appetite.

Taro (the purple), pineapple sorbet and tart (favorite!) and lots of fruit. This place had lots of fun exotic flavors like passion fruit, taro and pineapple so I had to try some of the more unusual ones. I don’t know what taro is, but it was unexpectedly purple so I was a fan. I don’t even know how to describe the flavor but it was pretty good. Tart is still my favorite, partly because I have the taste buds of an old lady. And to top it off there were fresh raspberries on the topping bar. Heaven.

I had a couple of other fun surprises this week. Surprise number one:

Okay, not a surprise because I ordered it. But getting packages in the mail is always a fun surprise, even if you’re expecting it. I ordered a bright purple dress and a yellow belt from Forever 21. Purple is my favorite color (hence the purple hair phase in high school) and I’m very excited to wear it.

And a second (real) surprise:

The people at Healthy Surprise contacted me to see if I’d like to try a box of healthy, vegan and gluten-free snacks, um YES! Opening this box was like Christmas morning.

I think I was even more excited about this box than the time my roommate gave me 5 pounds of peanut butter.

It’s a close call. (For the record those jars lasted two weeks. They didn’t stand a chance.)

I haven’t broken into any of the snacks yet (I’m portioning them out because I will be very sad when everything is gone), but I will definitely review them as I work my way through everything. Thanks Healthy Surprise for the awesome box of snacks!

Do you like thrifting? I’m cheap, therefore I love it.

What’s the last (good) surprise you got?

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  1. I love thrift shopping! It is really hit or miss but when you get something good, it’s so worth it. Looks like you got some awesome goods though!

    • I feel like whenever I go to a thrift store specifically to buy something I don’t find anything, but I hit the jackpot whenever I decide to browse for fun.

  2. I LOVE thrifting! You can find some ama-zing buys. I love hunting out the good stuff 😛 Really like the clothes but I think the lamp’s just pipped them – fab!

    • The lamp was an awesome find, I was looking for a desk lamp for my desk in my new apartment and then I stumbled across this one. It definitely saved me some money!

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