Lessons Learned Halfway Through LiveFit

I can’t believe I’m halfway done!

I’ve been really enjoying this program (and my new muscles) and it’s been a whole new exercise challenge. Since I’m halfway through, I thought I’d share some lessons I’ve learned in the past 6 weeks.

  1. Use a spotter. Seriously, just do it. I was doing bench presses and got stuck with an embarrassingly little amount of weight on the bar. After an “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” moment I managed to sit up fine, and someone came to help me (after I had gotten unstuck, my luck) but it was an awkward experience. So yeah, spotters are important. Or at least use the Smith Machine. Don’t be the little girl stuck under the Olympic bar.


  2. The crazy machines aren’t as intimidating as they look. Just suck it up and tackle them. The burn is lovely.
  3. The constipation face helps you lift heavier. Making an unattractive faces makes a difference in the last couple of reps, or at least that’s how I justify it. Jury’s still out on the grunting though.

  4. Lifting heavy makes me feel like a bad ass. I love it. I’ll definitely be incorporating more heavy lifting into my workouts when the program is over.
  5. Even elbow creases sweat. A little TMI, but when you are doing a 90 minute workout in a crowded on a 100+ degree day, you will sweat in places you didn’t know existed.
  6. Lunges are the devil. I hate them, but they are so good for me, and in every leg workout, so I suck it up.

    I. Hate. You.

  7. Progress is incredibly motivating. Well duh. But repeating each round of workouts twice helps me see an improvement from week to week and motivates to keep working at it, even if I’m tired.
  8. Strength Training = Visible Muscles. You have to build muscle to see muscle, who would have thought. After seeing some results from the program, I realized that consistent strength training is the piece of the puzzle that was missing from my workout routine.

I’m excited to keep up the program. It’s getting tough, 90 minute workouts 6 days a week are no joke, but I feel so accomplished every time I finish a workout and I’m seeing some serious progress. I also learn something new with every new workout, and I love that.

Unrelated to LiveFit, but awkward gym moment  of the day: I had on the exact same shirt as another guy at the gym. I mean it was a race, that 20,000 people ran in, but it was still weird.

Have you had any awkward gym moments? IThey happen to me daily, share yours so I’ll feel a little better about it.

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  1. I can’t stand lunges! I know I should do them more often, but I hate em. Hate em hate em hate em. These are some great lessons learned! I loved doing LiveFit because it really taught me a lot about the gym. Now I feel so much more comfortable going by myself!

    • Ugh, they are the worst! But so good for your legs, which doesn’t make them any more fun.
      I feel way more comfortable at the gym now too, and less like the lost little girl.

  2. All I have to do to have an awkward moment at the gym is step into the weight sections. Being in there alone makes me feel awkward…lol! I’ve been thinking about doing LiveFit once I get home from travelling this summer. I could use some muscle tone!

    • You should do LiveFit! It’s great!
      I always feel little awkward in the weight section too, not many of my friends workout so I’m always there by myself. LiveFit has definitely helped me feel more comfortable there though!

  3. Bellaspire

     /  July 10, 2012

    Could not agree more with number 6. Ps- we are a hop, skip, and a jump away. Pps- oooh, you’re a graphic designer! Looking to revamp this blog a little!

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