Treadmill Love.

I’m not afraid of a little sweat.

And awkward pictures.

I wanted to take a second to talk about the new love in my life, and the source of my incredibly attractive sweat stains – The Treadmill.

I’m sure all you runners are wondering what in the world is wrong with me. The treadmill is really just a torture device we suffer through when the weather is too horrible to head outside. I’m even guilty of hating on the poor thing. But really the treadmill does have it’s benefits. Really. No really.

As horribly monotonous as the treadmill is, it’s been a really helpful tool for me lately. The treadmill and I may have our differences but when we get it right, it’s so so good.

Oh treadmill, let me count the ways I (sometimes) love you:

  • You let me get my run in when it is both 29485724985 and -29483724985 degrees outside. I’ll admit I’m a complete wimp when it comes to running in less than ideal conditions. I hate the cold and running in the heat is just plain miserable. So I take it inside. Considering highs in North Carolina have been in the 100s, in addition to that lovely NC humidity, I’ll take running in place in a climate controlled gym over braving the oven outside.
  • You have a Stop button. I’ve been having some issues with pain in my foot lately and it seems to be especially bad after a run. It’s been getting better so I’ve been incorporating short runs (2.5 miles or less) into my workouts. The treadmill is perfect right now because if my foot starts hurting I can hit the stop button and hop on a bike instead. I don’t have to hobble a mile home.
  • You help me get speedier. I could not do speed work without a treadmill. I don’t have a fancy-smancy garmin, so I have no idea how fast I’m running, except when I’m on a treadmill. It also means I can wimp out and slow down, unless I want this to happen:
    Oof. I’m sure that ended well.
  • Sometimes you make life easier. Treadmill running is easier, sometimes it’s a cop-out, sometimes I just need running to be less hard. As lame as that sounds.
  • How else can I run and watch Paula Deen at the same time? Riddle me that.
    That tower of butter makes me want to run faster.

Do you like the treadmill?

What are your weekend plans? I’m going to go see Pilobolus tomorrow afternoon and I ama BEYOND excited about it!

I saw them perform last year and it was absolutely amazing. They are a spectacular dance company. I can’t wait!

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  1. I only like the treadmill when it is really really hot outside becasue recently I’ve run when it’s really really hot outside and it went terribly!

  2. I’m still iffy on the treadmill. Some days I like it, some days I hate it. But it definitely comes in handy when you’re craving a run and the weather doesn’t agree 🙂

  3. I do love that you can always run on the treadmill no matter the weather, not to mention watching T.V is really fun ;D

  4. I love/hate the treadmill. Sometimes it’s a blessing, but sometimes I just can’t stand it! Today, I loved it. It was way too hot outside!

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