That’s So Pinteresting…

I’m in a big Pinterest phase right now. I know, me and every other girl in the country. But I go through waves with Pinterest, sometimes I’m obsessed and sometimes, like when I actually have work to get done, I kind of forget about it. But now that summer is here, and I have entirely too much free time, I’m back on a Pinterest kick. Watch out.

Some fun things I’ve found on Pinterest lately (click pictures for source):

I love the long, crazy patterned skirt trend. Unfortunately at 5’4″ I’m not so sure I can pull off a multi-colored floor length skirt. I’ll still lust over them though.

This is Fauja Singh a 100 year old marathoner. There go all my excuses. I think about this picture whenever I want to bail on a run or workout with some lame excuse.

Mountain top yoga is on my bucket list. How amazing of an experience would that be? I need to get my yoga teaching friends to do this with me next year!

I love this idea, I’ve got an old dresser that needs some serious loving. I’m pretty sure it’s as old as I am and it could use a new fun coat of paint. I might have to spruce it up this summer.

I would have a field day. Plain walls are so boring. Give me a paint pen and let me go to town.

We watched a documentary in one of my art classes about Andy Goldsworthy and I’ve been in love with his work ever since. It’s so natural and highlights the beauty of nature. I also love how his art is temporary and meant to be enjoyed in that moment rather than stuck in a gallery forever.

I need this in my life. ASAP. Next paycheck?

Too stinkin cute. Anything with a cat on it is adorable. Maybe that makes me sound like a 5 year old. Do not care.

Coffee and cleverly designed packaging? Yes please. I get ridiculously excited over design things like this. It’s a little (a lot) nerdy but I’m okay with that. And I love coffee. A lot.

That was a weird mishmash of things, oh well.

You can find me on Pinterest here if you’re interested.


Are you addicted to Pinterest? I’ll be impressed if you’re not.

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  1. Love love loveee pinterest! I can seriously spend hours on it. Obsessed.


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