LiveFit Week 5

Whew, Phase 2 is no joke.

This week’s workouts were longer. And added in cardio. Holy cow.

I think I’ve woken up with DOMS everyday this week. I love the challenge but I definitely leave the gym everyday exhausted.

Things I’m loving:

There are still new exercises introduced every week which I love. I get more and more comfortable with the weight room every week and I feel that all these new exercises are giving my body a great new challenge and breaking me out of an exercising rut.

Cardio! I missed cardio, I like that it’s back in my life. I’ve even started easing back into running, and my foot doesn’t seem to be protesting too much. The time off from cardio was nice too though, it made me appreciate getting back into it.

But I didn’t miss you Mr. Treadmill

The supersets are also another great new challenge. I’m feeling the burn on those!

Things that aren’t my favorite:

Phase 2 workouts are lonnnngggg. They take me about 90 minutes on average, and the frequency has been bumped up to 6 days a week. Luckily, I’m not in school right now and I have a three hour work day so I have plenty of time for a long workout, but it would be tough to do while I’m in school. Also 90 minute workouts 3 days a week are a lot. There were a couple of days where I did NOT want to workout, I felt better after getting to the gym, but the thought of a 90 minute can feel so daunting, especially if I’m already tired. Also days like wednesday I completed the leg workout and a yoga class, I was at the gym for 2 hours and 15 minutes and so ready to go home.

I feel like such a gym rat.

The supersets, I know I said I like them, and I do, but it’s really hard to do a superset on two different pieces of equipment in a busy gym without being a total equipment hog. I try to do what I can, and complete another exercise until the equipment is free again, but I’m sure it’s not as effective.

Indoor cardio machines. Not something I hate about the program, but indoor cardio machines are the best way to do the 30 minutes of cardio when it’s 34529874592847 degrees outside. The elliptical is a little mind-numbing. But Paula’s Best Dishes kept me company on the elliptical today, so I can’t complain too much.

Longer workouts means I can eat a butter cake right? Right.

I love Paula Deen, I don’t care what people say about her. And she looks damn good post-weight loss. I secretly want her to be my adopted southern grandma.

So overall this was a tough week. But I plan to keep the program up and enjoy the challenge. Hello new muscles.

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  1. Totally agree about the superset thing. I feel like I’m hogging some of the machines when I do them.


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