Grilled peaches is a life changing snack. Too. Freaking. Good.

Confession: I grilled this peach on the George Forman because I’m lazy. Cut all the fat right out of that peach.

On to the weekend:

Friday was dead at my internship. There was not a single design job to be done. Though I’ll take three hours of pay for no work, so I won’t complain about it. And I got some work done on a freelance project. Yeahhh. Freelance project numero dos. I’ll take it!

After work I headed to the gym for a LiveFit workout then to the mall to return a shirt. I’ve found if you go to the mall a little stinky the crowds of teenagers keep their distance. God I sound like an old man. Whippersnappers. I returned a $5 shirt and left $16 poorer. Thanks Forever 21. I picked up a nifty dress with bird prints, I have a weird obsessed with things with birds on them, so money well spent.

Saturday I checked out a new farmer’s market in my area. This was only their 3rd weekend open but they had a decent amount of vendors. I left with beets, swiss chard and peaches. And out of the pint of peaches I bought there’s only one left. I’m a fruit eating machine. I think I’ve eaten 12 servings of fruit in the past two days. I’m absolutely okay with that.

The farmer’s market was in the same shopping center as a Whole Foods so of course I had to browse. Hello sample day!


The Vitamix man was there giving out sample of green juice and chocolate avocado ice cream. Oh and freshly brewed coffee samples. And granola. I’ve never felt so at home. Think Whole Foods would mind if I set up a cot and moved in? Me either.

I left with a jar of peanut butter (Whole Food’s brand crunchy is my new favorite, and under $3), a peanut butter z-bar (I have a problem), nutritional yeast and coffee. Clearly it’s my goal to buy the most random assortment of groceries possible. I have a knack for things like that, once at Wal-Mart I bought biker shorts, resume paper, kale and peanut butter, nothing weird about that.

Saturday night my family went out to dinner at Tijuana Flats. I love this restaurant, they have a hot sauce bar. Heaven!

Um, I ordered a salad.

The cat poop-ish looking one (food writing career in my future? I think yes) was curry flavored and my favorite, even though it looked questionable. The sauce on the far right was their “Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally” hot sauce. I love this place.

After dinner I broke out my bike (actually my mom’s bike, my last bike was pink, it’s been a while) and took a ride around the neighborhood. I want to start riding my bike more, but it’s been about 10 years since I rode a bike, so I’m a little rusty. When I get more comfortable I’m hoping to ride it to places like the gym grocery store to cut down on my gas consumption.

Today was been a pretty lazy day. I went to a yoga class, it was wonderful. Very flow-y with lots of movement and we did Eight Angle Pose, I love when classes throw that pose in.

Post-yoga I made a massive salad for dinner.

Lettuce, beets, tofu, broccoli slaw and onions with tahini. It’s in a tupperware bowl because I couldn’t find any other bowls that were large enough. I have this problem a lot.

Now it’s past my bedtime, goodnight!


What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Whole Foods and a farmers market in one shopping center??? That’s so awesome 😀

  2. I really need to remember to grill fruit on my george foreman since that bad boy hasn’t gotten any use lately haha

    • Mine hasn’t either but it’s definitely way easier than busting out the real grill. And standing over a hot grill when it’s 95 degrees out is no fun, I’ll gladly take my grilling indoors!


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