June Yoga Challenge Recap

It’s been a great week for yoga.

I’m so grateful for this challenge, it’s helped get me back into a consistent yoga challenge and rekindle my yoga obsession. I got a little bit of yoga in everyday this week(!) and my muscles feel so happy!

Here’s what my practice looked like this week:

  • Friday: Evening Sequence podcast from Yoga Journal. I really like this podcast because it’s only about 30 minutes and really helps me unwind before bed time
  • Saturday: Strength Your Core and Forward Bends podcasts, since I was in South Carolina there wasn’t much opportunity to exercise, so I did some yoga to get moving.
  • Sunday: Overall Toning podcast. I’m liking these podcasts, if you couldn’t tell.
  • Monday: Yoga class at the gym, I hadn’t taken class with that particular teacher before, but I really liked it. She taught similarly to the teachers at my school’s gym which was nice because I really like that style.
  • Tuesday: I didn’t do much yoga on Tuesday, I did do a quick 10 minutes of self-practice and worked on some arm balances. I did go to dance class though!
  • Wednesday: and amazing class at the gym, love.
  • Thursday: Gentle Flow podcast before bed.
  • And I plan on doing another podcast later today!

Thoughts this week:

I still haven’t made it out to a yoga studio yet, BUT payday was yesterday so I’m really hoping to go within the next week. I’m really excited for it, now I just have to find a good studio around me (there are too many to choose from!)

I need to find another good yoga podcast to subscribe to. I love the Yoga Journal ones, but it’s always fun to switch things up. Anyone have a good yoga podcast suggestion?

I’ve been trying to work on my arm balances this week. Arm balances are hard, but so much fun. I’ve noticed a definite difference in my arm balance since starting the LiveFit program. Yeah upper body strength!

I’m coming for you Eight Angle pose.

Have you done any yoga this week? If not, had any good workouts?

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