Yoga Love.

I had the most fantastic yoga class today.

It was one of those practices that just lights up your whole day. I definitely have my off days when it comes to yoga, but sometimes I have an amazing practice that makes me feel like “yes, this is why I do yoga”.

That was today.

I felt so at peace with myself for the entire 60 minutes I spent on the mat. I felt strong, confident and powerful; not adjectives I usually associate with myself. That’s what I love about yoga, it’s so much more than burning calories or being able to do xyz trick. There’s the whole non-physical aspect to it as well that is so enlightening and has taught me so many things I can take with me off the mat.

The class itself was very flowy with lots of sun salutations (hello summer solstice!). I really focused on staying present (something I’m terrible at) and really taking my time to connect with each pose, even the tough ones (I’m looking at you revolved half moon) and the experience was amazing. I savored every minute of class and left feeling so refreshed and strong.

The more I practice yoga, the more I appreciate my body. I feel that especially as fitness-minded people, we can be so hard on our bodies. I know I am. My inner monologue can be down right vicious sometimes, but yoga has been so helpful in shining a positive light in all aspects of my life and days like today make me realize how grateful I am to be able to practice yoga and how lucky I am to have a healthy and capable body.

Everyone go do some yoga right now. Seriously.

Usually I recap my yoga experiences on Fridays for the June Yoga Challenge, but it was too good and I had to gush about it sooner.

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  1. aww yayy!! So glad you had such a great yoga class! It’s the best whenever you leave a class in a better state than you came in. That’s whole point of working out and exercising right?

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