Let’s Talk About Snacks (WIAW).

It’s that time again!

I love collages.

Breakfast: Nothing new here. It was 90 degrees yesterday and  still ate hot oatmeal for breakfast. There might be something wrong with me. Also add in a scrambled egg, the extra protein helps hold me over until my morning snack and keeps the morning hunger beast at bay.

Morning Snack: I had some edamame at work and a mini Luna bar at my internship. Despite the decent-sized breakfast I had, the hunger beast was out in full force the morning. Does anyone else get super hungry in the mornings? It tends to die down after lunch but I am a ravenous beast in the mornings.

Lunch: Lunch was a little weird, I went to gym directly after work so I would have time to fit it in, so I stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way there for an apple. Yes, I stopped by the store for one apple. This happens more than I care to admit. I also paid the $0.70 total with my debit card because I couldn’t find enough change. This also happens more than I care to admit

The post-gym portion of lunch was very delicious. Tofu with broccoli slaw, recipe coming at you tomorrow.

Afternoon Snack: I made a peanut butter and banana smoothie it was super delicious but I was hungry approximately 10 seconds later. I love smoothies but they just don’t keep me full. Any advice?

Dinner: A tofu scramble with tomatoes, tri-color peppers, onions and fresh basil off my mom’s basil plant(!). I usually like to mix up my protein options a little more, but I’m pretty low on groceries at the moment so I don’t have many options.

Dear grocery fairy, please pay a visit to my house.

Evening Snack: I signed up for summer dance classes and my first class was yesterday. It feels so good to be in the studio again! I had a peach and lots of dips in the peanut butter jar before leaving and a mini version of my breakfast and a second peach after I got home.

Let’s talk about snacks.

I love snacks, they are essential to my sanity and I’ve learned a lot about healthy snacking over the past couple of years. I eat at least two snacks a day and I could not get through the day with out them. I’ve found that snacking can set me up for a successful, healthy day.

Some benefits of snacking? For me, snacking is great because I don’t like eating big meals. I can’t eat enough calories in one sitting to keep me satiated for more than 3 hours. I also don’t like the heavy feeling you get after a large meal, so snacking allows me to stretch out those calories over a longer time period. Nutritious, low-sugar snacks can also be a great way pull yourself out of the afternoon energy slump, I know I get cranky without my afternoon snack. Snacks are also great for bridging the gap between meals  and can help keep that metabolism revving. Plus snack food is the most delicious food.

But there are some snacking drawbacks. It can be easy to get a little snack-happy. I think snack food is really delicious and I’ve been guilty of snacking when I’m not actually hungry. it’s really easy to grab a couple of snacks in the afternoon when you’re bored and eating to entertain yourself rather than in response to a grumbling tummy. I’ve definitely been guilty of this, but taking a moment to drink a glass of water, or waiting 15 minutes to see if that snack still sounds good. Also unhealthy snacks really do you no favors. Sugary/processed snacks can leave you feeling gross and set you up for a serious energy crash later in the day. Snack healthy guys.

Being the snack-oholic that I am, I’ve definitely got some consistent go-to snacks that are healthy, easy, and can be easily shoved in a purse. Some of my favorite snacks include:

  • A piece of fruit, very healthy and great for satisfying a sweet craving. I almost always carry apples around with me because they’re easy and have a lot of fiber to keep me satiated  longer. Berries, bananas and grapes can be great options too. Actually, you can’t really go wrong with any fruit.
  • Raw veggies, I know not everyone is as keen on raw veggies as I am, but a baggy full of baby carrots or broccoli can really help tame the hunger beast and get in some extra nutrients. Healthy vegetable dips (greek yogurt, hummus, guacamole) can be make raw vegetables more palatable if they’re typically not your thing. Non-raw veggies are great too, recently I’ve been digging brussel sprouts for an afternoon snack, not very portable but great for an at-home snack
  • Edamame, this is a big one for me. As a vegetarian there aren’t many high-protein options that don’t involve some sort of protein powder (expensive) or dairy (not so portable). The protein in edamame keeps me very satisfied and gives me plenty of energy without the crash you get with some sugary snacks. They are also relatively high in fiber, another bonus.
  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, are other great protein-filled options. Though some brands of flavored greek yogurt can be high in sugar, which is something to be mindful of.
  • Protein bars, these are great because they are super portable and have a long shelf life so you can keep and emergency bar stashed in your purse/car/desk at all times if the hunger beast starts calling. You do have to be careful because some protein bars are just glorified candy bars. But a natural snack bar can be a great afternoon pick me up. I love Luna bars (the mini ones are especially great for a small snack that won’t hurt your waistline), Clif bars (these are pretty calorically dense, but they’re great when you have a large gap between meals), Clif Z bars, Larabars, Pure bars, Odwalla bars and ThinkThink bars.

What are some of your favorite snacks?

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  1. Greek yogurt! That is totally one of my all time favorite snacks. It’s really the one thing that truly fills me up haha

  2. I don’t snack too much anymore, but I loved greek yogurt + a vita top or banana and peanut butter. Can’t go wrong with luna bars either 😉

  3. My favorite snack is any fruit or vegetable with a protein like cheese or hummus!

  4. One of my all time favs is ants on a log…your never too old for that snack!

  5. I would say the reason for why one gets so hungry so soon after a smoothie/any liquid snack is that there isn’t anything to bite, so the liquid just runs through one’s metabolism so quickly and doesn’t hold satisfied very long. I don’t have any scientific explanation for the phenomenom, but that’s what I think happens 🙂 My favourite snack is natural yogurt and greek yogurt with berries and/or fruits and a couple of tablespoons of low-sugar oat granola or nuts – at least it is what I eat every day for a snack. I also love oatmeal with berries, half a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter, which I have for breakfast. Also apples and self-cut carrot sticks are affordable and convenient as well as tasty 🙂

    • I agree about the smoothie, it’s definitely more satisfying to chew something.
      All those snacks sound delicious! I had greek yogurt, a banana, and baby carrots with peanut butter today for snacks, pretty similar.


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