Live Fit Week 3 Recap.

This week was awesome! It’s been my favorite so far, I seem to be saying this every week but just go with it.

The workouts got 2983427x harder this week. It killed me a little, but I loved it anyway.

Week 3 workouts were increased from 4 days a week to 5 days, with a few more exercises thrown into each workout. The week also focused  on lifting heavier, reps for each exercise were lowered from 12 to 10, while the weight increased from 60% of max effort to 80%.

Workouts this week were no joke. I know the workouts will only get more challenging from here on out (and I’m excited for it!), but I definitely felt sufficiently challenged this week. The past two weeks were focused more on proper form and getting your body acclimated to a consistent lifting routine, which makes sense, but there were days I left the gym wishing my workout felt a little more intense, I definitely didn’t have that complaint this week.

My legs were sore for 3 days after Monday’s leg workout. Seriously. But I already mentioned those awesome single leg deadlifts.  My legs were on fiyah. Along with the killer new deadlift exercise, the program continued to introduce a lot of great new exercises this week. The upper body workouts even got me on the incline and decline benches in the manly section of the weight room. It might sound lame, but I was proud of myself for that, I didn’t modify the exercises because I was intimidated by that section of the gym, I sucked it up and did it, and it was a gratifying experience. Grunting muscles heads can’t keep me out of the weight room.

The I was most excited about this week was seeing results. They weren’t anything huge, but I’m beginning to feel more tone and see some noticeable differences (if I didn’t ruin it with the poor eating I did this weekend – oops). This is a big deal for me, I’ve been working hard to gain some visible muscle tone, have failed pretty miserably at it and I’ve been very discouraged by it. I eat clean, I workout, why am I not seeing results? A lack of weight training apparently. You have to build muscle to see muscle, duh Lea.

Welcome to the Gun Show. Or maybe not. (source)

Being able to see some progress has been so motivating, and I can’t wait to start this week’s workout!

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  1. Yess! So glad you’re still liking it 🙂


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