What I Ate Wednesday – I’m Not Sorry About It.

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, where had the week gone? Here’s another What I Ate Wednesday!


Old fashioned oats, almond butter, soy milk and cinnamon. Same old, same old and I’m not sorry about it. I did sub almond butter for peanut butter after picking some up at Trader Joe’s this weekend. It’s fabulous. I might be a new convert, but probably not since it’s twice the price of peanut butter. The cheapskate in me might win that one. I’m enjoying it while my parents are paying for groceries though.

Then I finished up the container of cottage cheese. I buy the largest container at the store and finish it in half a week, mostly straight from the container. Not sorry about it. If I double dip no one will steal any. I love cottage cheese (it’s really good mixed with a scoop of nut butter), and apparently breakfasts that don’t require chewing. I blame it on my inner octogenarian.

Morning Snack:

Half of a ThinkThin bar. These are becoming a problem. They don’t even taste that good, there are plenty of bars I like much better, and they’re not even the cheapest bars but I still buy them every week. I’m not sorry about it. Actually I am a little bit. I think I just like these bars because they don’t have sugar, but lots of funky ingredients to make up for it, not such a fan, but they still make their way into my grocery cart. Problem.

I was so hungry when I got home. I had to eat something while I cooked lunch so I didn’t gnaw my own arm off. It was tasty. I’m in apple phase at the moment, I don’t understand it but I’m embracing it.


Crumbled homemade black bean burger (I can post the recipe if anyone’s interested), tofu, peppers and kale. It was good, but the crumbled burger patty definitely made the dish. There’s a sad absence of veggies in my fridge/freezer right now, so I’m trying to make do. Bonus about this meal was that I didn’t have to add sriracha because there was some in the burgers. I’m so addicted, and not sorry about it. I even got Haley into sriracha. I’m such an enabler.

Afternoon Snacks:

Multiple spoonfuls of almond butter. I’m trying to make the jar last a week, or it’s going to become one expensive habit.


A Joey Jr. (Streaker Style – woo woo) with tofu, black beans, rice, lettuce, cucumbers, pico de gallo, black olives and medium salsa. Good, but not spicy enough, it could have used some sriracha. Seriously. No pictures because I was too busy enjoying some girl time.

I was seriously considering grabbing some frozen yogurt at the store next door, but I resisted. My wallet is happy about it, my taste buds were a little disappointed.

Post Work-out Snack:

A scrambled egg a la microwave. Microwave because I’m lazy and didn’t want to do dishes. I’m not sorry about it, no shame. It doesn’t look pretty though, but can you really make a microwaved egg patty look photogenic? No. So I didn’t try. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have anyway.

Followed by a spoonful of almond butter. Or two. So maybe I’m a little addicted.

I’m not sorry about it.

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  1. I’m a total almond butter convert. OK maybe not a convert because I never liked peanut butter. Love it in oatmeal and smoothies!

    I would love your black bean burger recipe…please 🙂

    I stop over indulging by rarely starting. It’s too hard to stop once you start and moderation is more difficult to me than not having it at all. KWIM?

    Your breakfast looks amazing! Several of my favorite things in one bowl 🙂

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    • I’ll try to get the recipe posted soon!
      I’m the same way with moderation. If I eat one cookie it quickly turns into five, but I can usually resist if I just don’t start eating them in the first place. When I’m in charge of my own groceries I’m good about only buying healthy food so I’m not tempted by the junk, but since I’m home for the summer I’m at the mercy of what everyone else buys too.

  2. Whenever I’m lazy, I definitely make my eggs in the microwave haha. Sometimes cleaning a pan is just such a hassle…

  3. i love the “I’m not sorry about it” theme. The story of my life….

  4. Ida

     /  June 9, 2012

    Hi I am new to your blog, I like it!! I would just like to recommend a REALLY tasty bar. THIS: http://www.iherb.com/Clif-Bar-Clif-Kids-Organic-Z-BaR-Peanut-Butter-6-Bars-1-27-oz-36-g-Per-Bar/5373 It is soft, but chewy and it tastes so good. Not too sweet. 140 calories. Just a tip, I don’t even know if they’re healthy :p

    • Those look awesome. I’ve tried Z Bars before and love them, but I’ve never seen the peanut butter flavor in stores, I’ll have to go track them down sometime! Their oatmeal raisin cookie flavor is really delicious.


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