Weekend, Workouts and Lately-s.

I’ve been a little busy lately. I love it. I’m starting to miss the busy-ness of college life (but definitely NOT the stress). I just like having lots of things to do and being able to get out of the house.

Saturday started at the Farmer’s Market. I loved it, which is no surprise, the farmer’s market is always amazing. I left with kale (two bags this time!), sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, summer squash, zucchini, and beets. Not beats farm fresh produce, nothing.

Saturday evening my parents and I attended a going away party for the pastor at my church. I go to a Methodist church and the pastors get shuffled around the district every 4-6 years. It’s interesting to get a new perspective on things from a new pastor, but it always stinks when it’s time for a good one to leave!

The celebration included dinner (which was barbecue, so I brought my own tupperware full of hippie food – squash, kale and tofu), but the highlight was desert. Three words: Homemade Ice Cream. Sooooo good.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I die. It was pure cold, chocolately, peanut butter heaven. I haven’t had ice cream in like 6 months, and I think I’m just going to stop eating it unless it’s homemade. Store bought cartons just don’t compare.

My pastor LOVES homemade ice cream, so it was only appropriate that his party included it. There was lots of fun flavors like banana, peach, Cheerwine (a local NC soda) and sweet potato with ham. I know. The sweet potato part sounds awesome, but then I saw the ham part, which was a downer. Maybe I’m biased but, meat in ice cream is just wrong.

There was also a fun Jeopardy-based skit, which was pretty funny. It was definitely un-rehearsed, but it made it that much funnier.

Sunday afternoon I went to a Pilates class. One of my favorite teachers was teaching, she’s so nice but she will work you! My poor little abs were screaming at me by the end of class, she’s no joke! But I secretly love it, and it definitely gave me some inspiration for my classes in the fall! Sometimes the ordered structure of Pilates exercises gets a little old, so I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my classes fresh.

Monday morning started with my internship.

I’m still oddly loving the business look. I’m more dressy than everyone else at the office, but it makes me feel adult-y. So I don’t care.  Black slacks make my tiny 5’4″ legs look long, always a plus.

Post-internship I did two yoga podcasts. Amazing. I get into this bad habit where I neglect my practice, come back to it, remember how awesome it is, then forget again.

Dear yoga, I’m sorry I’m so flakey.

My recent yoga neglect is exactly why I’m participating in Courtney‘s June Yoga Challenge

The goal is three yoga practices a week. I think this will definitely help me and yoga rekindle our love for each other. My muscles will appreciate too. They’ve been tiiigghttt lately.

Monday night I met with a running group at the gym for a 5k run. This was my first time running with other people (sad, but none of my friends run, despite my constant persuasian. One day.) I was the youngest by about 10 years, but it was still fun. It was nice to actually talk to someone while I was running and it kept things more interesting. I’ll definitely be doing it again, it’s also nice to be able to talk to people about running, because I rarely get to do it. Except on here, but sometimes actual, physical conversation is good too.

Today has been busy! I went to my internship this morning, had an intense case of creative block which SUCKS, but nothing a little sleep won’t help. I headed home for lunch, then straight over to my boyfriend’s apartment. It was so good to see him. He’s been working a lot and it’s been a challenge to line up our schedules, but it’s a treat when it works out.

I met a friend from high school at Moe’s for dinner. I love Moe’s and was experiencing major withdrawals while in Boone, it was good to get my fix in. I haven’t seen my friend since winter break, it’s been far too long and we had lot’s of catching up to do. We talked about life, our internships (she’s got an awesome one!) and people we went to high school with. The girl time was much needed. As was the burrito bowl.

After Moe’s I swung by the gym to start Week 2 of the LiveFit trainer, which I’m still loving. The tricep pushups killed me a little today, but I still loved it.


What did you do this weekend?

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