LiveFit Week One.

Yep, I jumped on the LiveFit bandwagon. I’ve read so many positive reviews about it on different blogs that I couldn’t help myself. I just finished up the first week of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Program and so far I’m really loving the program. I’m going to try to recap my experience at the end of every week as I continue with the program. I’m not really tracking my results (because I’m lazy) so I mostly focusing how much fun (or possibly not unfun) the workouts are.

I’ve struggled with keeping a consistent strength training routine and this program so far seems to be really helping me with that. Usually, I just wander into the weight room, pick a section of the body I want to work on and just do which ever exercises happen to pop into my brain. Um, not so effective. This program breaks down each body part by day and lays out a specific workout for you to do, which is really helpful if you’re anything like me.

The exercises in the first week are much different that what I’m used to in terms of strength training. What I’ve always heard to do, and have always done, is to pick a somewhat heavy weight, do reps until your muscles fatigue, take a break and do it all again. The first week of the LiveFit program doesn’t do that. It starts with a weight that is a little over half of your max (I might have gotten a little ambitious and lifted too heavy somedays, sorry I’m stubborn), and complete 3 sets of 12 reps. The point is to work on your form and get your body used to the movements before moving onto heavier weights so you don’t get hurt. This is super beneficial, I try to keep good form, but honestly when the weight starts getting heavy I let my form slip a little. No bueno. Taking time to work on my form is going to make things so much better in the long run.

The program has also introduced me to many new exercises in the first week alone, and so far it feels much more effective than my usual weight room improv routine. It even helped me get up the nerve to tackle the cable machine, even with all the macho guys grunting away on it. It’s also been really humbling. I had to pick up 5lb-ers for some of the shoulder exercises. That was a bit of a blow to my ego, but it shows that I have some weaker areas that I really need to work on. And from 5lbs you can really only improve exponentially (or that’s what I keep telling myself).

Gym equipment of medieval torture device?

Overall I’m really liking the program I’m planning on sticking with it. Plus if it makes me look even a fraction like Jamie Eason I won’t complain.

Those. Abs. Are. Ridiculous.


Have you done the LiveFit Program? What did you think about it? 

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  1. I did livefit and loveddd it! So glad you’re starting it 🙂 I learned so much from it so now I’m much more comfortable in the weight section.

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