Got To Be NC Festival.

Um, let’s ignore the fact that I’m almost a week late on this recap.


Last Saturday my mom and I headed to the Got To Be NC Festival at the fair grounds in Raleigh. The festival was a celebration of all things North Carolina. Also, an excuse to put on a mini-fair in the summer.

There were lots of antique tractors:



North Carolinians love their tractors.

Typical sketchy looking fair rides (I took a pass on those) and a celebration of North Carolina Agriculture:


Honey bees!

They also had a section with cattle, but they made me sad because the cows were going to end up as beef. Boo. I might have considered setting them free.

My mom and I were excited for one particular part of the festival, Fiber Fest! Basically a big yarn expo. Yep, we’re crochet nerds.


So. Much. Yarn.

It was overwhelming. There was organic yarn, neon yarn, pastel yarn, thick yarn, thin yarn, yarn made from angora rabbits (which are just silly looking animals), and even yarn made from buffalo fur (that was a little weird). I left with two small balls of clearance yarn. My mom left with that x10. She was a little excited to be there.

I haven’t quite decided were I fall in the animal-based yarn department. It’s not nearly as cruel as leather but I still can’t help but think it could be an uncomfortable process. I’m on the fence with this one. Luckily, fur-based yarns are really expensive, so it makes that decision a little easier.

Fiber Fest shared a building with a couple of other exhibits. One of which was from a group that collected antique tools and appliances. I perused the tables with my camera while my mom was up to her eyeballs in yarn.


Old school glass soda bottles just look so much cooler than cans.

I didn’t know what most of the tools/appliances were, but it was fun to guess. I even saw an antique frosting kit.


I took way more pictures, but most of them came out a little fuzzy. I happened by this table post-wine sampling, so my hands weren’t so steady… oops.

Speaking of wine sampling, my favorite part of the festival was the NC Food and Wine Expo. $2 to sample all the local food and wine you want? Count me in.

No pictures here because I was too busy stuffing my face. Whoops. It was my lunch for the day.

The food was pretty good. Unfortunately, apparently North Carolina only makes wine, peanuts, sweet potatoes, jelly and barbecue sauce. It made for a very well-rounded and healthy lunch clearly. That’s not actually all North Carolina makes, but that was a majority of the vendors at the festival. Though to give them credit, North Carolina is a big agriculture state and all the farmers in the area selling anything decent and fresh would be at the farmer’s market on a Saturday.

The wine was pretty good. However, North Carolina makes mostly muscadine wines, which are really sweet and I prefer more dry stuff. It was a lot of fun to try though! There was a vendor selling all types of different fruit wines including apple, pomegranate and watermelon wine. I couldn’t bring myself to try the watermelon wine, but I tried the pomegranate wine. It tasted like pomegranate juice with a little kick. Not my thing, but still fun.

I did get a lot of condescending “are you even old enough?” remarks. The perks of looking like a 15 year old. Hello, you are holding a valid drivers license in your hand with my birth date on it, I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself, no need to be a jerk. I asked one wine vendor to sample a dry red wine, he told me I should start off with a semi-dry. Thanks for down grading my wine choice. Maybe I’m a little bitter about it, but it got old quickly. If I don’t still look really young for my age when I’m middle aged I’ll be pissed.

Some of the expo highlights were the sweet potatoes (though you can’t really mess those up!), maple butter (sooooo good, seriously it’s life changing stuff), sweet potato butter, Moravian cookies, chocolate covered toffees (as good as they sound!), peanut butter (of course) and hush puppies (my one guilty southern food pleasure).

And all I left with was a small jar of sweet potato butter. That stuff is amazing though. It’s been making a few appearances in my morning bowl of oatmeal. I was tempted by the maple butter (think maple syrup in thick, spreadable butter form – AKA heaven), but a jar was $8 and I’m not confident it would have lasted more than one day. No one needs that much sugar in their system.

The food expo was so much fun I took my boyfriend and his roommate on Sunday. Hey, $2 unlimited samples make great post-10K fuel. I skipped the wine that go round though.

Overall it was a fun and cheap way to spend a Saturday. I wished it was a little bigger (and had more food, but I always wish for that) but it was still a very cool event to go to! Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t too happy with me Sunday morning, thanks to all the gluten and more fried food than I’d eaten in a while, but it was still worth it.

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  1. I did a report on North Carolina in 5th grade and I’ve basically been obsessed with the state ever since!

    • I did a project like that in 5th grade too! I think mine was Indiana.
      North Carolina is a pretty cool state, it’s definitely got it’s quirks though. But I like living here.


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