Party Animal.

I am not, but that’s okay.

I spent Friday procrastinating and not writing a 20 page paper I have due next week. I should get on that some time soon. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Saturday morning I ran 3.6 miles, it was glorious. But it was also open house, so I had to play dodge-the-prospective-students on the sidewalks.

Saturday night, we went out for my friend Elizabeth’s birthday dinner. We went to a cozy little place called Galileo’s. The food was good, but it was a little expensive and the portions were kind of skimpy. But I’m a broke college student so if I’m paying for a meal outside of the dining hall I want to be full when I leave. They use locally sourced ingredients, which was awesome and made a huge difference in the taste. I ordered their Black Bean Burger (sans bun) which was topped with salsa and cheese, very tasty but I could have easily eaten two more.

Elizabeth and I did get a free birthday shot, that was fun. It tasted like cake. I don’t know what was in it though, it probably would have been a good idea to ask first.

From there we headed back to my friend’s apartment for a small party.



There were lots a fun party decorations, including a few handmade gems from my roommate.


Yes, that’s a box of wine with a straw. Genius.


 Gluten-free beer decorations!

Speaking a gluten-free beer…


My roommate bought me some! It actually tasted pretty good, and my stomach didn’t hate me for it.


And we had strawberry margaritas. I liked the beer better, I’m such a man.

Then I proceeded to eat more gluten-free cake than any single person should. I blame it on my less than filling dinner. Not my fault, except that it is. It was delicious, and rainbow.

Best birthday present ever:


My roommate bought me 5 lbs of peanut butter. She’s such an enabler. Bonus is now I don’t need to go to the gym because who needs dumbbells when you have 5 lbs of peanut butter to lift?

This morning was spent with a severe sugar hangover (sugar mind you, not alcohol, I wasn’t that big of a party animal) while whining about the weather. It is 35 degrees right now, that is NOT right, there is also snow in the forecast for tomorrow. lamelamelamelamelame. Not cool mother nature, not at all.


For lunch I ate this beautiful salad. It was much needed. If I ever see a slice of cake again it will be too soon. Actually, that’s totally a lie.

This afternoon I got to help teach my first Pilates class! People actually came, it was beautiful. I was starting to worry I was bad luck. Only problem is there’s only one more class until the end of the year, which is kinda sad.

After Pilates class I had yoga teacher training (our last training class!) which was wonderful as always. I’m sad it’s over, I learned a lot taking those classes. Now I only have an audition class to teach and fingers crossed I get the job!

That brings me to now, where I am still procrastinating and not writing my 20 page paper. Luckily I’m a procrastinating queen, and there’s always tomorrow.

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