Reasons I Love Yoga (And Why You Should Too)

Yet another post about my newfound obsession with yoga. I can’t help it, yoga is too fantastic not to talk about.

Tonight was another great power yoga class. During class, as my legs were trembling in Chair Pose  and feeling like they were going to give out at any second (does anyone really like Chair? My belief is no), I started to think about all the reasons why I love yoga. Maybe not the most logical evolution of events, but whatever.

Here are all the reasons I love yoga:

  1. That awesome noodle-y feeling – A very intellectual statement, I know. But seriously it is one of my favorite feelings, especially as an over-stressed college student. It’s more than just my limbs feeling like jelly, it’s the overwhelming sense of calm and lightness I feel at the end of every class. Even after a terrible class I still leave feeling better than before I started. Also to me, that Noodle-y feeling is my body saying thank you, specifically “thank you for taking time for me, I might even forgive you thinking a Clif bar counts as lunch, or that 5 hours counts as a full night’s sleep”.


    Noodles actually look kind of gross (source)

  2. It makes me feel strong– I know a lot of people think yoga is easy, I used to be one of them, but yoga is really challenging and requires a level of strength both mentally and physically that few other things do.


    Psshhh, I can do that (source)

  3. All the cool Sanskrit names – not a good reason, but how fun are words like Paschimottanasana or Adho Muka Svanasana and Ardha Chandrasana? Maybe I’m just easily amused.
  4. It has mental and benefits as well as physical – yoga is free therapy. Well not quite, but I’m so much more mentally at peace after a yoga practice. The physical aspect is great, but I can incorporate the mental benefits of yoga in life off the mat. Taking a minute to breathe makes all the difference in so many situations.
  5. It makes me uncomfortable– maybe that doesn’t sound like such a good thing but it is. Yoga pushes me out of my comfort zone, and in doing so it makes me so much more confident. When I first started practicing yoga I was freaked out at the thought of people hearing me breathe. A very weird and stupid fear, but now I breath freely.


    That looks comfy (source)

  6. It makes a neat party trick – oh you mean you don’t bust out side crows at parties? Lame.

Here’s another reason I love yoga:

My cats need to step up their practices, their form is not nearly this good. Not a cat person? Don’t worry, they have yoga dogs too, Google it.

I found this brilliant website while looking for yoga pictures. Star Wars Yoga, I’m a bonafide Star Wars hater (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) but I still got a good laugh out of this website. If I become a yoga teacher I’m totally going to throw a Downward Facing Wookie into one of my classes.

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  1. i must be honest, i used to hate yoga. i went to a few classes and they really weren’t challenging at all. they were a lot of downward dogs and child pose’s. but i recently tried it out again and i loved it! it was such a challenge and that’s exactly what i was looking for 🙂

    • I felt the same way for a while, but then I found a teacher I really connected with and learned a little bit of background about yoga and that made me appreciate it a lot more, and now I’m obsessed!


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