Or also I like to call it, kitten pose. I looked down at her and it took me a good two minutes to figure out which body part was which.


I’m fairly certain she doesn’t have a spine. Jealous.

I’ve been a huge fan of yoga lately. I don’t know if it’s the teacher training I’m doing, my sore muscles calling for a nice stretch or the fact that yoga is awesome (probably all 3) but I have been really into it lately. It makes me feel light and energetic, and really just fantastic all around, so I’ve been trying to incorporate more of it into my day.

I’ve been really loving the¬†podcasts. They offer podcasts with a variety of different focuses from sun salutations to inversions to hip openers, they have short classes (most are around 20 minutes) and even a full length 75 minute class, they also have videos available too. Oh, and they’re free. I love free things.

Today I opted for the Twist and Detox video because I put some less than friendly things in my stomach last night and it’s feeling less than 100%. Sorry tummy. I finished the video feeling very refreshed, always a good feeling.

My 20 minute yoga video completes day 2 of the Stretch for Seven Challenge. I think I just like this challenge so much because it gives me a good excuse to do more yoga, I definitely don’t have a problem with that.


I also attended my usual Tuesday Pilates class, which was awesome as always. My glutes were majorly burning during side kicks today, which I loved because I’m weird.

Time to go finish up some homework before bed, goodnight!

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