It was a pretty good birthday. Very low key, which I’m more than okay with (but I’ll be partying it up this weekend!).

I started the morning with a 4.25 mile run. It was a hard one but a good one, it felt good to start the day with a good sweat. It was a beautiful morning so I ran outside too, I definitely enjoyed that.

Post-run I got in a good 20 minutes of stretching and foam rolling to workout my poor muscles.

Speaking of stretching, it’s the first day of the Stretch for Seven Challenge! So far I’m off to a good start, I’ve been trying to be really mindful of stretching and it’s felt so good. My muscles are happy campers now!

I ate a delicious lunch at Earth Fare


Salad with mixed greens, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, and carrots, kale (cooked with soy sauce I think) and sesame seeds, roasted vegetables and chipotle barbecue tofu. Very tasty.

I browsed some stores downtown.


I found this hippie yoga store. I love it and I want my future house to look like it.

There may have been a fro-yo run at some point too.

My parents sent me a package today with a cake in it! They also popped a bunch of popcorn in our air popper to use instead of packing peanuts, which are much messier but much tastier. My friend Jessi was also sweet enough to bake me some gluten-free cupcakes. There is so much sugar sitting in my dorm room right now, I’m scared I’m going to get diabetes just sitting here.

I had dinner with a small group of friends at Black Cat, always a favorite. No pictures (again, I’m terrible at this) but I got the “Satay it to Me Softly” burrito, which had tofu, broccoli, carrots, caramelized onions, cheese and rice topped with a thai peanut sauce. It was wonderful, my stomach is going to hate me in the morning though. Thanks gluten. Still worth it.

Speaking of gluten…


I ordered my first legal drink, it was very tasty, I’m definitely a Magic Hat fan.

I still don’t feel like I should be old enough to buy alcohol, but it’s kinda fun.

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