Autism Speaks U 5K

This race was rough. ROUGH. I’m fairly confident in my ability to conquer the 5K distance, I’m by no means fast, but I can usually finish 3 miles without feeling completely miserable. This race definitely challenged that.

The race was held at the Greenway, a few miles away from campus. The location was pretty good because, the paths were clear and pretty flat for the most part, something that can be tough to find in Boone.

I checked the weather before heading out to the Greenway. The forecast called for it mostly sun and 60 degrees. Lies. When I got to the race location is was around 40 degrees slowly becoming more overcast.


Dreary and stinky weather

I’m the worst runner in the cold. I don’t deal with it well, and I don’t have a lot of cold weather running gear because I generally run inside when it’s cold, so the weather definitely threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting it to be as cold as it was, and that really messed with me.

When the race started I couldn’t feel my feet. That is a miserable feeling, and it took about the first mile for them to regain some feeling. On top of that, my nose was running faster than me, probably also due to the cold. It didn’t start until I started running but once it did it would NOT stop. Once I wiped my nose it started running twice as fast. Gross.

On top of all that about halfway through I got a really terrible side cramp, one that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I tried to focus on my breathing or stretch it out. By the end of the race I was stopping to walk every few hundred yards to try to get the cramp to subside. It didn’t.

Everyone has good runs and bad runs, it just sucks to have a bad run during a race, when you’ve paid to be there. The whole event was still a lot of fun, but it still just stinks when you feel horrible. I think if I had been better prepared weather-wise things would have gone a lot better, which I guess is kind of my own fault because I really misjudged the weather. At least now I know better for next time.

The Autism Speaks U 5K was a pretty small race, with about 120 runners. There wasn’t an official clock, which was a little disappointing, though a girl I crossed the finish line with was keeping time with her RunKeeper and said we finished between 30 and 31 minutes. Which is amazing considering my PR 5K time was 32:14 with no walking. It would have been nice to see my actual finishing time.

This race did give me the confidence that I’m close to my goal of a sub-30 5K. I’m looking forward to new races and even though this one kinda sucked for me it’s makes me want more excited to run a better one! I’m already on the prowl for my next race, I’m considering the Tom Moore 5K, the Sticky Bun Run, the Capital City Classic 10K and North Carolina Roadrunners Club 10K. But I haven’t decided yet.

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  1. Great time and good job sticking with your not-so-perfect run!!

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