My Personality

I did absolutely nothing today besides go to class and work on homework (actually I went to the gym too, that was nice). It’s definitely been a productive day, but not an interesting one. So to make up for the lack of blog-able events in my life, I stole this survey from Aubrey over at italktofood.
10 Questions About My Personality

(I wish that telling you I was at a Harry Potter party explains this picture better than it does.)

1. When a cashier in the checkout line at the grocery store is being a grump for no reason, how do you typically react?
I try to be as nice and polite as I can. I’ve worked as a cashier for the past 3 summers (what’s up PetSmart!) and I know when I was having a bad day, having a cheerful and polite customer come through my line really helped my mood. Dealing with a grumpy customer just made my mood worse.

2. Are you the type that likes going out with your girlfriends or staying in?
I know I’m a weirdo for saying this but I like staying in. I know, a college girl that doesn’t like going out, what a freak. But I’d rather just spend the evening with my boyfriend or hang out at a friends apartment or stay home and watch a movie with my parents than go out. I like to keep things low key.

3. Do you sob and get emotional watching romance movies?
Not at all. It’s funny because make me watch a movie where a dog dies or someone dies of cancer and I will bawl like a little baby. I even cried during Spiderman, I’m ridiculous, that’s okay. But make me watch Titanic or the Notebook and I will laugh and criticize it the entire time. There was room for two on the raft. There was.

4. What stresses you out the most? 
Right now, school. So. Much. To. Do. In general, public speaking and trying to make small talk with strangers, I’m terrible at both.

5. What do you think people think of you?
I really have no idea. I’d like to think good things, but you never know.

6. When you overindulge do you hit the gym to burn it all off, or just accept the indulgence and follow your same routine?
A little of both. I honestly try not to feel guilty, but sometimes after the 10th cookie, you can’t help but feel a little guilty. Plus after 10 cookies, I’ve got some serious energy to burn!

7. Are you easily annoyed?
Not really, but I do hate when people have a runny and sit there sniffling instead of getting a tissue. And when people whine incessantly, That bugs me.

8. What do you think is your biggest personality flaw?
A lack of self-confidence, but hey it’s something I’m working on. I’m in a better place now than I have been.

9. What is one thing you don’t think people see enough of when it comes to your personality?
How goofy I am. My friends and family see that side of me but acquaintances rarely do. Sometimes I worry I come off to seriously when I first meet people. I can be serious, but I can be a huge goofball too. And I like the goofball side better.

10. Can you feel relaxed in a busy crowd or messy room?
Busy crowds make me a little anxious sometimes, I’m usually the one that gets run over by them. As for the messy room…


Obviously I don’t mind them too much. I ashamed to say that’s the cleanest my desk has been in a couple weeks. I try to clean it and then it ends up like this in about two days. It’s a vicious cycle.

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  1. Every time I read surveys or quizzes, I always come away thinking that person and I are exactly the same. Every time. I think this is the chameleon in me, trying to be like the people I’m around. I choose to focus 90% on how we both like staying in and only 10% on the fact that your desk is a mess and I’m a clean freak. Obviously we’re the same person.

    • I am the same way. I always think “oh you like such and such? I do too we must be twins” even though the answer to the other 9 questions are the complete opposite of my personality.
      And in my head I’m a neat freak, it just doesn’t get past that. I’ll tell myself 100 times I’m going to clean my desk but it never really happens until I move out. Whoops.

      • My secret is to shove all the mess in drawers or under the bed. So it looks like a clean room from the outside but really took no effort to create.

      • Haha that worked well when I was living at home, but not so much in my dorm room. I tried but my drawers are all full and my bed is lofted so it’s not such a good hiding place anymore.

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