Rockin’ Robin

I just got home from a 4 mile run. It was wonderful, I haven’t run that far since early March and I’ve been in a little bit of a running slump lately. It was nice to get in a good long (for me) run, especially because I’ll be stuck in the car for 3 hours later on.

I had the Rockin’ Robin stuck in my head for the entire 40+ minute run. Completely random but, it matched my pace and helped motivate me. It also brought back some pretty fantastic elementary school memories. I had Rockin’ Robin on a cassette tape (yeah, old school) and I used to wear that song out in the tape player of my mom’s ’95 Astro Minivan


Except ours was a sweet swampy-green color. It was one beast of a minivan.

You can tell it’s definitely springtime too because all the bugs were out. I played don’t squish the caterpillar/millipede/multi-legged insect for my entire run. Caterpillar guts don’t make a good shoe accessory.


Don't squish me! (source)

Caterpillars kind of creep me out, I’m not going to lie. But I totally had one as a pet when I was 6, that’s what happens when your parents won’t get a you cat.

And then a bug flew in my ear. Gotta love nature sometimes. I was mostly just glad it didn’t fly in my mouth. Gross.

No I have to go pack. I hate packing, but I need to stop procrastinating if I want to avoid rush hour traffic.

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