Adventures in Bargain Shopping

I love a good bargain as much as the next person. I am the typical broke-as-a-joke college student after all, and I have found some steals a bargain clothing stores. But there are some items that are just destined for the clearance rack.

Here’s some WTF unique finds from this weekend’s shopping adventures:


For when you’re going for that “fresh off the crime scene” look.

Blood is not a good accessory. It’s just not.


Those are pizza slices. Because I always wear my favorite food on my pants? Maybe we’re trying to appeal to frat boys. If you spill pizza sauce on your pants it will only add to the look, I’m sure.


A cat dressed like King Tut. What’s not to love? The fact it’s a crop top is a bonus. When I picked up this shirt I was thinking “this is hilarious, if it’s under $5 I’ll buy it as a joke”. It was $6, the universe did not want me to own a shirt with an Egyptian cat on it. Sad.

I did leave with 2 blood/pizza/cat-free shirts and a dress for only $16. I’m definitely a fan.

After my bargain shopping adventure I poked around World Market for a little bit. World Market is the best for window-shopping. I even saw a Buddhist Monk shopping there once, so I’m convinced it’s truly a well-cultured establishment. I hope he bought the Buddha-shaped paper weight, is that wrong?

World Market also sells a lot of fun international specialty foods, here are some of my fun World Market finds:


Pralines with Tabasco sauce. I loveeee pralines, but I refuse to believe this combo could taste good.


I just like the name. The ingredients are gator-free, and less weird than you’d think.


Yes. In case bacon chocolate bars just aren’t cutting it. As a vegetarian, I’m mad someone ruined perfectly good chocolate with beef jerky. Travesty.

Sometimes browsing is more fun than actually buying stuff. For my wallet.

Happy Easter!

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