Welcome to the Gun Show.


Kidding, those aren’t my biceps. I know I had you fooled.

I’ve been working on my upper body strength lately, because frankly it sucks. Mostly, I just want to look like a beast in the gym. Kidding. Actually, I want to improve my upper body strength for functional reasons, like helping my terrible posture. But being able to curl dumbbells the size of small children would be a neat party trick. Also:

You mean you don’t rock climb in heels? Wimp.

I think rock climbing looks so cool. I want to do it (SECURELY strapped into a harness, with lots of people to catch me if I fall). This isn’t really why I want a strong upper body, but it’s a nice dream. It’s on my fitness bucket list. Which I find slightly ironic that I have a fitness bucket list but not a life bucket list, someone help my priorities.

Secretly I also want to marry a future president and have everyone talk about how awesome my arms are. It’s a legitimate career goal.

With my rock climbing and future first lady dreams in mind, I had a pretty awesome workout this morning.

I did 3 sets of 10 reps of a variety of upper body exercises. On the last set I picked up a slightly heavier dumbbell. My arms felt like jell-o. Love it. Watch out Michelle Obama.

I was going to go to a moonlight yoga class this evening, but it rained. And I realized I should be doing more productive things like homework and packing and cleaning, procrastinators don’t get moonlight yoga. So sad. I’m also missing my favorite power yoga class this week. Also sad.

Not sad? Easter break starts at 1:45pm tomorrow. Thank. You. Totally makes up for no power yoga.

And only 3 more days until I can stuff my face with sweets galore.


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  1. That model looks amazing! Was that not on America’s Next Top Model? I remember watching one season where they were doing something like this? Or I may be totally wrong haha
    A fitness bucket list does sound awesome! I may try and put together one 🙂 Good luck with building your upper strength 🙂

    • Haha yeah it was America’s Next Top Model. If you do put together a fitness bucket list feel free to share it with me! I love reading about other’s fitness goals, they’re very inspiring =)

  2. Awesome blog!

    And I need to make a fitness bucket list. I hadn’t thought about it before…

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