Joke’s on Me

Today has been like one big strange April Fool’s joke.

First, I’m a member of a service club on campus, and a group of us planned a pancake breakfast to help raise money for a local charity. The pancake breakfast was to be hosted at an unnamed restaurant, which would provide the pancake ingredients and cooks, while we provided the people and hungry diners. Employees from said restaurant did not show up. April Fools! No pancakes for you. And now we have to refund all the money.

Failed charity breakfast? What a sad way to start the morning.

On the bright side, I got to watch the sunrise.


There’s also absolutely no traffic in Boone at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. That is a beautiful thing. Maybe more beautiful than pancakes.

Today was also supposed to be my first day assistant teaching Pilates. Except only one girl showed up. You have to have two people to have a class. April Fools, you don’t get to teach Pilates. Even though it sucks that I didn’t get any teaching experience today, I still get paid for the whole class even though it didn’t happen, and I wasn’t feel too hot, so maybe it was for the best.

I also saw a rainbow on my walk to class.



Two rainbows in two days? Magical. Thanks Mother Nature for being beautiful even when my day is not.

And to top off this April Fools, I’m sick. I don’t know if it’s allergies or a cold or you’re-really-cool-and-fell-asleep-with-your-mouth-open-and-now-your-throat-hurts-real-bad-itis. I pretty much feel like a beached whale. Mouth breathing and a runny nose? Hello sexy. We did about a million forward folds and down dogs in yoga training, which is real good when you have a runny nose. I snotted all over that yoga mat. Sorry, that’s gross (not as gross as the person that uses it next! Kidding, I disinfected properly).

Speaking of snotty gym mats, a word of warning to all the gym goers out there, don’t touch the magazines. I’ve got a friend who’s a bio major, she’s currently taking a microbiology course and her current project involves swabbing surfaces around the university’s gyms to see what infestation what microorganisms may be growing on different surfaces. Apparently the magazines were far dirty than any other surface in the gym. She said the petri dish looked like a jungle. Don’t touch the magazines. Cosmo isn’t worth it.

I’m going to bed, skipping tomorrow morning’s work out and sleeping in like a normal college kid. Please go a sickness

 April Fools Day is officially my least favorite holiday.

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