True Life: I’m Super Awkward.

Everyday of my life is awkward. It’s okay, I’m embracing it. In an effort to let my freak flag fly, here are my top 5 awkward moments of the past week.

I have no shame.

  1. I was eating a Chobani while walking to class, it was really windy. Said Chobani ended up in my hair. I tried to play it off. FYI, you can’t play off having greek yogurt in your hair. At least it was peach-flavored.


    Fashion's trendiest new hair accessory. (source)

  2. I tripped while on a run this week. Let me preface that by saying I run on a completely flat indoor track. There is nothing to trip over, except my own feet.


    Major tripping hazards

  3. The middle toe on my left foot has been twitching uncontrollably for the past couple weeks. I get the feeling that’s not normal. It’s only that specific toe, awkward.
  4. Every time I eat a salad I end up with half of it in my lap and on my face. I’ve eat 11 salads in the past week. That in it’s self is awkward.


    Don't ask how much of that ended up in my lap, you don't even want to know.

  5. I started a kale avalanche in the produce aisle at Earthfare. I’m only buying spinach from now on.

Life’s too short not to laugh at yourself.


What was your last awkward moment? Don’t pretend like you don’t have them.

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