A Day.

It has been A day today. You know one of those days that you don’t really have words to describe. A day.

I busted a hole in the pair of flats I was wearing today. My luck, it was 10 minutes after I left my dorm. I would have taken a picture but they’re all ready in the trash. I spent $5 on some duct tape (ridiculous) to try to patch them up so they would at least get me through the rest of the day. I didn’t want my big toe hanging out all day. Good way to start A day.

I have been such a space-case all day today. Earth to Lea.

My day has not been all bad though.

I applied for 8 scholarships today. Monnaaayyyy. Hopefully. Let’s make a dent in those student loans.

Went to a fantastic Pilates class. I’m always tempted to skip out on that class because it’s in the middle of a long day of class but I always feel 20934820948x better afterward. It’s also awesome because I get to start assisting with Pilates classes on Sunday, and I’m trying to soak up some Pilates inspiration before then.

I had a tasty lunch


Sweet potatoes, Kale, some shy black beans and tempeh, topped with Sriracha

Microwave cuisine at its finest.

I ate cottage cheese and grapes for dinner. I’m addicted. Thanks Janae!


The dining hall had the BIGGEST grapes today. Check the spoon for comparison. I get excited over things like abnormally sized fruit. It’s the little things.

I got to attend a design lecture from a graphic designer that has his posters hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Impressive. I geeked out hardcore. You can check out there stuff here it’s so creative. His design process is really inspiring and got some serious creative juices flowing. And he was graphic designing before Photoshop was around, we have it so easy nowadays.

Completely unrelated but, when did Zac Efron get so old? A trailer for The Lucky One just popped up on TV and holy cow. He’s in war and sex scenes, whattttt. Someone should remind him that he’s still 14, I think he forgot.

That’s better.

Good night guys!

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