Happy Spring!

It’s finally officially Spring! Even though Mother Nature has been tricking me into thinking it’s spring for the first month, the weather feels even better now that it’s official. Except it just started raining. Oh well.


(Actually this picture was taken last June, but that’s not important)

Spring is my favorite season because the weather is BEE-YOU-TIFUL, the flowers start blooming, everything stops looking so dead, it stops snowing (even though it never started this year – not complaining) and delicious fruit at the farmer’s market. I will be at the farmer’s market first thing when April comes. Fresh berries make life wonderful, they really do.

Springtime also means that my birthday is right around the corner. I turn 21 in 27 days, not that I’m counting or anything. Okay, I am, I’m excited.

Today has been one whirlwind of a day! I was up at 6:30 the morning (ugh, I need a nap!) to sign up for internship interviews for Friday (ack, I’m nervous!). Then I met with my advisor to talk about the classes I need to take next year. Then I had 2 classes and went to a Pilates class (felt amazing!) a good Pilates class always makes me feel 1000% better about my day. Then I registered for classes (18 hours worth, and class on Friday, gross).

Speaking of Pilates I get to start assisting with classes next Sunday! I’m excited! But I’m glad they’re giving me a chance to assist before they throw me in a class by myself. It’s so helpful to watch people that know what they’re doing while I’m working on my own teaching skills. Plus it means I’ll start getting a paycheck. Bonus.

A weird thing happened to me today during lunch. I picked up a Chobani from the market on campus. I thought I picked up a strawberry banana flavor.


But then I looked down at it again and the lid said mango, so I thought “oh I’m just delusional and grabbed a mango one instead” 6 hours of terrible sleep will do that to you. So I ate my mango Chobani, which was delicious because I’m convinced Chobani can’t make anything gross. Then after I finished it I looked down again and discovered I wasn’t crazy and it was a mango Chobani in a strawberry banana container with a mango lid. I felt much less crazy after that, but still a little confused.


At least it was still delicious.


Have you ever had any weird food packaging issues?
Are you equally excited for spring? (Correct answer is yes, just kidding, kind of)

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