How Can You Not Smile?

I woke up in a stinker of a mood this morning. So what did I do to cheer myself up? I googled pictures of puppies and kitties. Works, every time, you can’t not smile at baby animals. It’s scientifically impossible. And yes, I am eight years old. Don’t you judge.

My friday gift to you is adorable pictures to brighten up the end of your weekend.

Try not to smile. Try.

You just smiled didn’t you?

Oh, you don’t have a kitten drawer on your desk? That’s lame.

Too. Freaking. Adorable.

I laughed for a good three minutes when I saw this picture.


Giraffe kisses.

I LOVE ANIMAL BEST FRIENDS. They are adorable.

If you still haven’t satisfied your cute animal fix, you can check out my Pinterest, I only have 171 more. I’m not ashamed.


How do you deal with a bad mood?

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