Today has been kind of a stinky day.

It started with a relaxing yoga class at the Y, which was not stinky. It was very zen and awesome.

Then I spent an hour at the DMV (the funnest place on earth, right). My license expires next month so I needed to get a new one while I was home. My renewal only took 2 minutes, and I waited in line for 58. Awesome. Doubly awesome that I got in line behind 3 different people that didn’t speak English. I love cultural diversity. I don’t love waiting in line at the DMV.


I definitely won’t miss this picture. But this is the last ID picture from my purple haired days (circa 2005-2009), sad, some days I miss it, but some days I appreciated not being constantly stared at. Also, a good indication I needed a new license, I haven’t been under 18 for almost three years.

The stinkiest part of my stinky day? I found out I didn’t get the internship I really wanted. I was trying to be positive and think about the things I’m thankful for, but I just wanted to have a pity party instead. Not productive, I know. But I spent a solid two hours looking for more internships and all I found are either unpaid (not a deal breaker, but I am broke), uninteresting, I can’t get college credit for (the whole reason I’m looking) or I’m under-qualified for. It didn’t help the whole pity party situation. The internship I found was perfect, and now that I didn’t get everything else fails in comparison. I also really want to eat a freaking cookie.

I’m letting myself wallow for a little bit because starting tomorrow I’m not allowed to be a Negative Nancy about it and I’m starting some serious internship searching. Anyone in need of a graphic design intern? I’ll bake you cookies, and you don’t even have to pay me, but it would be nice.

On the bright side, dinner was delicious. My parents took me out to Sweet Tomatoes, I took full advantage of the salad bar.


Double plates are a must. And I cleaned both of them. I also got several “is-she-really-going-to-eat-all-that?” looks from some of the unsuspecting people around me. Yes, I will, I don’t play with my veggie consumption.

Then I got to go to Target. AKA the most wonderful place on earth. Boone doesn’t have a Target (lame), and our Wal-Mart does NOT cut it. Those red bulls-eyes just feel like home. 

I’m going to a Pilates class in the morning, should be fun!

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