Things I Did Today

  1. Made pancakes for breakfast 


  2. This workout. It was a good one. My butt muscles are already sore. That’s weird, TMI, sorry.
  3. Watched too much daytime Television. I can’t tell if I actually like daytime shows or if I just like the fact that I’m home to watch them and still bumming around in PJs at noon.
  4. Drank swamp watera green smoothie. Or a mostly green smoothie. Well, it at had spinach in it. Image

    Soy milk, strawberries, frozen spinach and a side Jenny the cat.

  5. Phone interview for a graphic design internship. Hopefully they liked me!
  6. Made the blog look a little prettier. It’s still a work in progress, but getting there.
  7. Things I didn’t do today: 99% of my to do list, I should get on that soon.
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