St. Patty’s Run Green 8k

My recap is only a week after the actual race, but that’s okay.


(I’m the one in the green shirt, narrows it down doesn’t it?)

My final chip time was 51:54. This was my first 8k which means a guaranteed PR, gotta love that. It was also my first chip-timed race, it was fun to get an accurate time.

The race began at 3:00pm in downtown Raleigh. I picked up my bib the day before so I didn’t have to wait in the crazy long registration line. I was worried about the race being so late in the day, I’m really terrible at eating the right food before a run if I have more than one meal to worry about. I’m paranoid I’ll be that person that pukes at the finish line.

About 10 minutes before the start all the racers lined up at the starting line. There were over 2,400 runners, by far the largest race I’ve ever run in. I stuck myself near the back of the crowd in the 11:00 min/jogging stroller pace group. I’d rather underestimate my pace and weave through people to the front instead of starting over too far forward and getting trampled. I spent the first mile squeezing my way through the crowds, 2,400 people is a lot of people for a two-lane city street. I liked the crowds though. Everyone’s excitement was infectious and kept me pepped up for the next five miles.

The route was an out and back, weaving through the Historic Oakwood District. The course had a couple of small hills which weren’t too steep but the last couple felt killer. There were also lots of turns which kept things interesting. I was feeling pretty strong through the first couple miles, but right around the third mile things got more difficult. My legs were still feeling strong but I was definitely huffing and puffing. As difficult as those last two miles were it felt so rewarding to push through and finish strong (though I’d be lying if I said the live bag pipe music didn’t help).

(Post-dinner, but not shower so I was smelling awesome, you can’t see it here but the background of the bib is plaid, awesome)

This was such a fun race overall. The St. Patty’s costume were hilarious (I got passed by a 6-pack of Guinness about 3.5 miles in). I’ll have to run it next year so I can get the free beer when I finish, I missed it this year being about 6 weeks away from 21.

I think I’m addicted to racing. I’m not fast by any means, but I love the energy and adrenaline rush of a race (and the free shirts!). They’re so motivating, I don’t think I would have ever conquered 5 miles if I hadn’t signed up for this race. I’ve already found some 5k’s to do next month and I’m on the look out for a good 10k to do this summer!

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