Boring in the Best Way Possible

Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven’t been up to much lately.

And I’m loving it.

My break has been pretty low key which is just what I needed. I’ve just been enjoying my time at home. Doing things like:


Snuggling with kitties


(+ 3 more unpictured cats, it’s ridiculous I know. We’re suckers and can’t turn away stray kitties. Also, It’s hard to get a decent picture of a cat using the Photobooth on your Mac, I would try using a real camera but I’m far too lazy for that)


And crocheting! I just finished a scarf, and I’m starting another for a friend. It feels so good to have free time for a change!

Dropping out of college to sell scarves out of the back of my Chevy Malibu is starting to sound like a good idea. Or not. I should probably get a big girl job and pay off those student loans instead. No fun. Maybe I’ll just move to Cat Island¬†instead.

Maybe I’ll do something more interesting tomorrow. But I really hope I don’t. Sometimes it’s just nice to be a lazy sloth.

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