Tuesday Tangents

  1. I got the Pilates teacher job!!! I’m so excited! I get to assist with classes for the rest of the semester and then teach my own classes next semester. It feels good to have all my hard work pay off. This semester has been crazy and it feels awesome to have an opportunity like this work out in my favor. Bonus is that I’ll be getting paid for it too, honestly I would’ve done it for free, but I’m not complaining about a paycheck! Being a broke college student is getting old fast.
  2. I really want a cookie. Like bad. Cookies have been the only sweets I’ve been dying to have, I don’t get why I’m craving only cookies. Cake? Brownies? Candy? Eh. Cookies? Get. In. My. Bellay. You can bet that as soon as Lent is over I will be eating the biggest, yummiest, chewiest cookie I can get my hands on!
  3. I was watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network earlier this evening and they had only vegan bakers on the this episode. How awesome is that? I love how accessible veganism is getting. Even though I’m not a vegan, I always try to choose a vegan option if given there is one. I’ve tried doing the vegan thing full time on a couple of occasions and failed, but I want to make a serious attempt at it when I’m living on my own/buying my own groceries.
  4. One of my classes tomorrow is cancelled. Only four classes, one midterm and two assignments stand between me and spring break. So ready.
  5. I really need to do my taxes. That feels sooo weird to say, when did I get old enough to do taxes? I’m ready for that refund check though!
  6. All of the snow melted today. Thank you Mother Nature.
  7. I’m going to bed, goodnight guys!
What’s something awesome that’s happened to you lately?
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