Kicking Off the Week

With a 4.5 mile run! I like doing my long-ish runs on Mondays, as crazy as that sounds it feels nice to start off the week with some kind of accomplishment. Even if the rest of the week is a flop, I at least started it on the right foot!

Oh and FYI I’m loosely following Hal Higdon’s 8k plan. I’ve mostly been sticking to the mileage, and just doing cross-training as I see fit in between. It’s been really helpful, especially motivating me to go out for those 4+ mile runs. I think I’m much more motivated when I have some kind of plan to follow then when I just go out on my own.

For lunch I had this bowl of deliciousness:


(Look a picture taken with a real camera and not a cell phone!)
I seriously doctored up black bean soup. I’m not even sure it counts as soup anymore, more like I scrounged my teeny dorm fridge for food, dumped it all in a bowl together and gave it a whirl in the microwave. I took some Trader Joe’s black bean soup (the blended kind that comes in the carton), added some canned black beans, quinoa, salsa and kale. Dorm cuisine at it’s finest. It was seriously life changing when I found out you could “steam” kale in microwave. The wonders of the microwave never cease to amaze me.

Interesting fact: as I am sitting writing this there is a girl walking up and down the hall with the loudest case hiccups I have ever heard. I half tempted to walk outside and give her a glass of water.

And then I spent the rest of the day working working working. One day I’ll catch up on all the work I have to get done. I hope. Well I’m off to bed because I’ve got an 8 am yoga class in the morning, should be a great way to start the day!

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