Playing Catch Up

I spent 6 hours today doing homework. Ouch. But that’s what Sundays are for, playing catch up to all the work you didn’t do on Friday and Saturday, oops.

My weekend was pretty chill, the weather was DISGUSTING. Friday we were under a tornado warning for 4 hours. Um, what? I live in the mountains! Though fortunately there we’re no actual tornadoes, thank goodness.

I met some friends for lunch on Friday at Black Cat Burrito. They serve the. best. burritos. ever. period. I ordered a ‘Thai Me Up’ burrito which came with tofu, spinach, and rice, wrapped in a spinach tortilla and topped with green coconut curry sauce and sunflower seeds. So delicious, I could eat like 5 more right now. All of their burritos are served with coleslaw and chips, which sounds weird, but is really tasty. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was hangry, I don’t think I even stopped for air as I wolfed that thing down. I’m not sorry about it.

Saturday was pretty low-key. I ran a quick two miles in the morning, and nearly got blown over walking back to my dorm. The wind was insane, apparently it was bad everywhere else too and living on a mountaintop certainly doesn’t help. I tried to stay inside as long as humanly possible. I did venture out to my friend’s place and she cooked us this delicious meal:


Tofu and veggie stir-fry over brown rice. Stir-fry’s always look like poo in pictures, but they are oh, so tasty. She added orange juice, soy sauce and curry powder to the tofu, which made it unbelievably yummy.

Today has been a get-it-done kind of day. I caught up on some work, worked on some designs for portfolio stuff (and some stuff for this little blog, it’s too bland, the designer in me can’t take it, so I’m working on it), took the final test for my Pilates teacher training (I’ll hear back in a couple of weeks!) and started my yoga teacher training, which was much needed. I always forget about how awesome yoga is until I do some, sorry yoga, I do love you.

I’m off to bed because I’ve got a 4.5 mile run (eep!) in the morning!

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