Random Things Thursday

Today has been a longgg day. So I’m doing this post in list form, it’s a little easier on the cranium.

  1. I had my Pilates teacher audition today! It went okay, my nerves got the better of me at some points but I think I did fairly well, so I’m going to be optimistic, I got some good feedback. Now I’ve got a written test to take on Sunday and then I should hear back in a couple of weeks. And actually, I start a 6-week yoga teacher training class this Sunday too, I really enjoyed the Pilates teacher training classes, so this should be fun!
  2. I was a bum today. It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I sat inside for more of the day. I didn’t even go running. I just needed unwind and take a break, it felt really nice but I hate that I missed out on the beautiful weather


    Boone, you sure are a beautiful little town when you’re not dumping snow on me! Now I’m SO ready for spring weather.

  3. I did laundry last night and the dryer didn’t dry my laundry AT ALL. I didn’t have enough quarters for a second drying cycle, 24 hours later and I still have a sizable pile of damp clothes, ew. $1.25 well spent, not. Thanks University Housing.
  4. I’m currently watching ‘My Cat From Hell’ on Animal Planet, it’s so ridiculous. Um, there was nothing on TV. Anyway there’s this cat-whisperer type guy named Johnny Galaxy (no lie) who has ridiculous facial hair and helps people deal with their crazy cats. Though in all honesty he gives some really good advice. I think this means I need to go to bed.
  5. I have been a ravenous beast today. My stomach has literally been grumbling every hour. Not a good thing considering the only food I have in my dorm at the moment is oatmeal, coffee and some spinach. Ohhh dorm life. I need to go grocery shopping, like yesterday.
  6. The right side of my headphones isn’t working, I’ve been using them anyway but they make my head feel lopsided.
  7. Tomorrow. Is. Friday. Thank. Goodness. It will be filled with a spin class, lunch at a real restaurant and maybe a hike if they weather doesn’t suck. I’m so excited, this week has been a long one.
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