Freaking Outtt.

I have to teach an audition class tomorrow for my Pilates teacher training and I’m soooo nervous! This basically decides if I get the job or not and I want to do a good job! Ah, I keep alternating between trying not to think about and obsessing over planning out every detail of the class. I’m sure I’ll do fine if I can manage to RELAX, but that’s easier said than done. Eep.

I started off the morning with a 3 mile run, it felt pretty good. My iPod was dead even though I charged it last night, but I think it’s really beneficial to run without music sometimes, I feel like I rely on it too much for motivation. My run was actually pretty speedy (for me) despite the lack of music, 3 miles in 31:30 (side note: let’s be friends on dailymile!), not too shabby. Then I proceeded the drink the most hippie-fied protein shake, pea protein powder+almond milk+cinnamon+mason jar+shake shake shake=delicious.


I was on the phone with my boyfriend while I was drinking this and he told me I was ridiculous.

Tomorrow I’m hoping for a nice 2 mile OUTDOOR run tomorrow morning since it’s supposed to get up to 63, thank youuuu mother nature! I’m a total wimp and won’t run outside if it’s colder than like 55, my lungs hate me otherwise. Running around the indoor track is slowly driving me insane, 9 laps to a mile gets mind numbing. Anything is better than the treadmill though, not a fan.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday! One more day til the weekend!

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