Monday Funday.

Say what?!

Usually Mondays suck the life out of me, but today was pretty fantastic. I’m going to credit it to the fact that it was my moms birthday. She’s amazing and the best mom ever, and I’m not just saying that because she gave birth to me, she really is fantastic. It’s the first year I haven’t been able to spend her birthday with her (because I had lame responsibilities, like school) but I’ll make it up to her with a cake the next time I’m home. Cake fixes everything right? Yes.

Well, my morning started off with an amazing 4 mile run, it felt sooo good. The 8k I’m running in two weeks feels so much more attainable now. A good run is the best way to start off the morning. I love it. Also exciting I bought new running socks over the weekend and this was my first run with them and they were fantastic. I’m super lame and have been using regular socks, and my feet were starting to protest the fact that there wasn’t much skin left on them. So I shelled out $10 for a pair of socks. It hurt my tightly-clutched-almost-empty-college-student wallet but I have to admit that it was worth it. My feet were blister-free and fantastic after this run.

Completely random but, before I go, I got really excited when I found the tiniest banana ever in the dining hall today, proof:


IT’S SO LITTLE! (That’s what she said? I actually that’s no good, I hope she didn’t) That’s my student ID next to it for size comparison. Weird fact, I’m really obsessed with finding the smallest possible banana, it’s like built in portion control. I think it’s way more satisfying to eat one tiny banana than to try to eat half of a big one (which let’s be honest I just end up eating the whole thing). But really I’m just a weirdo and find all miniature fruits highly amusing.

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