Lazy Sunday

I feel like Sundays are either my most productive day of the week, or the laziest. This week it was definitely the laziest. I downed 4 cups of coffee (oops) and still couldn’t muster up the motivation to do anything. Maybe my body is just hoarding energy to get me through Moanday Monday.

And the snow certainly didn’t help my motivation


It was like 60 degrees yesterday, what’s up Mother Nature?

But despite my laziness, I did make it to my final Pilates training class! I’m taking a short 3-week course through my university to teach Pilates group fitness classes. It only qualifies me to teach classes at the student rec center but how awesome of a job that would be? Now I just have a final exam to take and 30-minute audition to do (eep, I’m nervous!).

Well I’ve got to get to bed because I’ve got a 4 mile run in the morning! Confession: I’ve never run the far before and I’m both excited and nervous about it.

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